Beach Waves: With this curly iron, Ann-Kathrin Götze designed her gentle waves 2

Beach Waves: With this curly iron, Ann-Kathrin Götze designed her gentle waves

We know how influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze shapes her magical waves on the beach, and even to tell you what beauty tool spouse of soccer star Mario Götze swears …

We are always looking for fashion inspiration and patterns for our beauty routine, which adds a touch of something to our look. Not only do we like to experiment with it, but we also hand-pick styling models that tell us their tips and tricks. In this case: Model Ann-Kathrin Götze. Not only does the influencer inspire us with fashion trends, which she sets over and over, but with her dream teeth, we can still look at what she just proved in her YouTube tutorial. As the spouse of football star Mario Götze conjures up the perfect waves on the beach – after all, men are completely crazy – and what tools they can never have, we will tell you now.

Then Ann-Kathrin Götze swears by her perfect waves on the beach

If you want perfect waves on the beach like the influencer Ann-Kathrin Götze, you need the right hairdresser for this procedure. The blogger relies on the curling iron of the best-selling ghd brand – specifically the "soft curl tong" model. This one is equipped with special ultrasonic technology and takes care of the other with an optimum temperature of 185 degrees so that the hair does not damage the heat and the curls are voluminous and long lasting. 😍

This is how Ann-Kathrin Götze stylizes her dream beach waves

For extra volume of your hair, the model first approaches the practical hair extensions, which you can get at Amazon. For the particularly natural effect of her curls, the 29-year-old does not split individual games, but grabs individual strands, combs them and wraps them around the curling iron she attaches behind her hair. After a brief cooling down, the waves take on the desired structure – which we definitely want to emulate Ann-Kathrin – with a slight pull so that each curl is not too twisted, A little tip: For a laid back look, the impact even with the brush does not push the bottom of the hair before styling, but simply wraps it around the heated bar.

Finally, Ann-Kathrin uses a volume spray that gives her magic magic fullness and sprays her into tips. Your favorite: Perfect Hair Day by Living Proof, which is available on Amazon from around € 13. For a fresh finish, the wife of soccer star Mario Götze, of course, also saves her sweetheart. A special perfume by Byredo, which, unlike the normal scent, does not dry out the mane, completes the influencer hairstyle. If you want more insight into Ann-Kathrin Götze's routine, you should check out the video yourself: 💕

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