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Caution: You must never imitate these beauties

Warm the curler lashes: If you want to have a beautiful look, feel free to use a curler for your lashes. To keep the momentum going much longer, many use a hairdryer to heat the pliers. However, one has to be very careful because if so Beauty tool too hot you can get it injure the sensitive eye area.

Peel sugar and salt: To cleanse the skin from dead skin cells, you need to exfoliate it regularly. Here you will find many recipes on the internet for making your own, in which sugar and / or salt are used as abrasive particles. However, it should at best be used for his cornea on his feet. For sensitive skin, the faces are The grains are too coarse and can cause injury. In addition, sugar can also be Accelerate skin aging.

Olive oil for face: There are many oils that can be used for face and body care. For many, traditional olive oil seems like a cheap alternative to expensive Argan oil and Co., but you should leave it in the kitchen instead. Olive oil has one high degree of comedogenicity, which clogs pores, Therefore, olive oil is only recommended for very dry skin, and even there you should not use it undiluted.

Exotic fruit peels: Acid peels are preferable to mechanical peels because they do not have abrasive particles that can damage the skin. However, you should exercise with acids and prepare your skin well. While often consulted on the Internet, s Kiwi, pineapple and orange The skin should be freed from keratinized areas rather put on checked AHA and BHA peelsof which you are well informed.

Toothpaste, baking soda and lemon for pimples: Pimples are unpleasant, so we want to get rid of them quickly and sometimes resort to aggressive agents to keep the nasty beasts dry quickly. However, dermatologists advise common home remedies like Toothpaste, baking soda, aspirin or mask of lemon juice and cinnamon from. These sterile things can do more harm than good. Instead, the dermatologist advises zinc solutions.

Apple cider vinegar as a tonic: Apple cider vinegar has nothing to look for in your face. Instead of cleansing your skin and soothing it, bring it on with low pH from equilibrium.

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