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Droplet infection: Resistant germs in bathing lakes

Researchers make a worrying observation: they have found infamous resistant germs in several Austrian bathing waters. How could the bacteria get there?

In several public and well-visited bathing waters, where children, senior citizens, families and resorts swim, they buy dangerous hospital germs against which almost no antibiotic is no longer helpful. This is not a concern for most people, but it is another step towards the "post-antibiotic age", which is feared by the World Health Organization (WHO), where we are almost powerless at the mercy of disease-causing bacteria.

Austrian experts have analyzed baths across the country for multidrug-resistant bacteria that are not suppressed by common antibiotics and are therefore difficult to treat. These are lakes, streams and peaty wetlands, frequented by many bathers and monitored by the authorities on a regular basis – but usually not at such microps that do not occur in nature.