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Electroepilation – procedure and function

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Electroepilation – procedure and function

And electro-epilation Nadelepilation, describes one permanent method of hair removalwhich means that the entire root of the hair is destroyed compared to the permanent hair removal. Electrolytic hair is removed from the body by a probe of gold or high quality surgical steel that is fed into each hair root. This process takes time but is quite thorough.

The probe is tuned to follicle depth and hair strength. Treatment with electricity does not allow the hair to re-dissolve. Legal guardian consent is required for under 16s.

Development of electroepilation

Needle waxing is the oldest method of permanent hair removal; it has already become 1875 used in the USA. At the same time, it is the only method I can use Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classification assignment permanent hair removal property.

In 1916, the oscillator was used to produce high-frequency electricity. Success in saving time was celebrated four years later, when epilation with four to six probes was possible.

In 1920, soft X-rays were used during photoepilation; however, due to the risk of cancer, this method was quickly discontinued. The first thermolysis was used in 1923 for epilation.

1938 followed the development of the mixing method; It was patented ten years later. In 1968, the first textbook on epilation appeared.

Two years later, a high-frequency forceps was developed and used in epilation. 1989, the "tweezers judgment" concludes that permanent hair removal is not possible with this method.

Mode of action of electro-epilation

Galvanic current passes through the probe into the hair follicles. The follicles are verdets, which permanently prevents hair formation.

Electroepilation is performed using direct currentwhich inhibits papillae hairs in their growth. Alternatively – or additionally – alternating current may also be used; heat or a mixture or electrolysis process destroys the root of the hair.

Suitability of electroepilation

Elektroepilationen they work on all types of haireither fine or strong. Hair color does not matter. The methods are appropriate also for sensitive skin areas like the upper lip or in heavily pigmented areas of the skin.

The user must have detailed knowledge, as this can lead to inflammation and scarring. For large sections of skin with very strong hair growth, electro-hair removal is less appropriatebecause they are very time consuming and expensive.

Methods of electroepilation

Because people have differently pigmented and differently strong hairs, different types of electro-hair removal are available. The choice of the appropriate method depends on both the skin reaction and the patient's sense of pain. Currently, qualified professionals mainly apply reflection and thermolysis methods.

Electroepilation: Thermolysis

It accelerates during thermolysis warmth growth cell decay: The probe is heated by high frequency alternating current after being introduced into the follicle. Compression of the surrounding tissue occurs, which lasts only one second.

If you go into experienced hands, up to 20 hairs per minute can be treated. Thus thermolysis can be used well on large areas of the skin.

Electroepilation: electrolysis

In electrolysis, a direct or galvanic current in the hair follicle causes a chemical reaction which has a deleterious effect on cells. It is an emergency procedure used in the context of electro-epilation.

Unlike thermolysis, the probe must remain in the follicle for at least two minutes to destroy the root completely or sustainably. In Germany this method is hardly used.

Electroepilation: a method of mixing

The blend method is also used for permanent hair removal. It will be in this technique DC and AC benefits.

It creates lye, which is heated by thermolysis, for intensive treatment of hair follicles. Alternating current can accelerate chemical destruction. It takes five to 10 seconds for your hair.

Characteristics of a good electrician

Anyone who chooses to take electrophotography should go into professional hands. This is not always easy, because there are not many experts in this field in this country. Therefore, it is increasingly important to pay attention to the required quality features of an electrician.

A good electrologist should give it to his client comprehensive advice offer. He will be informed of the exact procedure and possible side effects. Ideally, the patient's history and test treatment follow – the total time should be at least one hour.

What is it price In terms of hourly rates from 50 to 110 euros. There is no need to rely on getting better pay for higher hours.

Comparison with other experts can help you with your possible concerns. You should never embark on an offer that charges for your hair.

Of course you expect good as a customer strength, As you don't necessarily have many comparisons, pay attention to the following features:

  • quiet atmosphere in practice
  • hygienic impression (use of disposable probes)
  • quiet mode
  • answer any questions about the department