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Fernwald wants to gain confidence in the Cup

(FRO). Tonight, FSV Fernwald is needed in the second major round of the Hessen Cup football at SSC Castle. For coach Karl-Heinz Stete, this game is an extra burden. "I'd prefer to play in front of SV Neuhof this week," the FSV coach said, as he has messed up the start of the season so far.

Here are Dominik Völk and Co. they had already given up three defeats and stood as the current table, their last, back to the wall. The fact that both attackers Stephen Jäckel (concussion) and Marvin Göltl (red card suspension) will fail, but offers a chance for the advanced guard to practice in competitive conditions. With Jonas Burger, new entry from the young Wiesecker group is the first alternative.

But last year's goalkeeper Florian Säglitz still has his passport in Fernwald and could be an alternative in the FSV box. The task for the group league climber from the copra circle has it all, as Steffen Hardt's team already emerged as a cup contender in the first round and knocked FV Breidenbach's club division out of competition. FSV Fernwald struggled with a 4-2 victory after extra time at VfB Marburg in the second round of the competition.

"I will now give bankers the opportunity to recommend themselves in this competition for upcoming tasks," says Stete. Max-Peter Mohr, Milos Milosevic, Lucas Burger and Ufuk Ersentürk, who was last used in the goal, can hope for a place in the starting eleven. Danilo Neves Oliveira and Antonyos Celik (both injured) are still out.

SC Waldgirmes denies their second round match in the Hessen Cup on August 27 at 7.30pm in league rival TuS Dietkirchen. Regional leagues, including FC Gießen or Kickers Offenbach, only enter the competition in the third round.