For the last two successful premieres 2

For the last two successful premieres

SC Magdeburg boosts confidence to open season at Klaus Miesner's 30th Memorial Tournament

Winners of the Klaus Miesner Memorial Tournament

1989: SC Magdeburg

1990: SC Magdeburg

1992: Granitas Kaunas

1993: SC Magdeburg

1994: TBV Lemgo

1995: SC Magdeburg

1996: Großwallstadt TV

1997: SC Magdeburg

1998: Fram Reykjavik

1999: SC Magdeburg

2000: SC Magdeburg

2001: SC Magdeburg

2002: US Creteil

2003: IKSävehof

2004: SC Magdeburg

2005: SC Magdeburg

2006: SC Magdeburg

2007: VfL Gummersbach

2008: Foxes Berlin

2009: MT Melsungen

2010: SC Magdeburg

2011: TuS Nettelstedt-Lübbecke

2012: The Lions of Rhine Neckar

2013: Rhine Neckar Lions

2014: THW Kiel

2015: SC Magdeburg

2016: MT Melsungen

2017: MT Melsungen

2018: TBV Lemgo-Lippe

2019: SC Magdeburg

Ilsenburg l Better it could have been written in any scenario, with a convincing performance he beat the SC Magdeburg record holder as his favorite audience and was last awarded the trophy. "It's always hard to gauge these results in preparation. Billing is in season, and it starts next week. But I think there is an even worse feeling that we can get out of here. We improved on Friday, we won the tournament relatively well – and that gives a very, very good feeling for league matches. It's always better to start the season with confidence than with the uncertainty factor, "SCM coach Bennet Wiegert was pleased with his boys' performance.

The fact that it was Klaus Miesner's last memorial tournament played a role in Magdeburg. "The goal was to finally win the tournament, but it's still a preparation. Of course, we worked on a lot of things and we didn't play every game 100 percent to win and just the result. That this still came out in the end makes me really happy." , commented on Wiegert his first win at the Miesner Tournament as a coach and the 14th overall SC Magdeburg in tournament history.

Packaging Games

In addition to convincing Magdeburg, the audience was also offered an interesting tournament pitch with teams from five countries. RK Celje finalist and Norwegian champion Elverum Håndball, supported by big and loud fans, gave a successful premiere at the Miesner tournament. Also TBV Cup defensemen Lemgo-Lippe and HK Malmö provided exciting games, with former world class handball player Florian Kehrmann finally retaining former SCM player Stian Tönnesen in a coaching duel. Only Schaffhausen cadets, who had already left the only team before the awards ceremony, remained unsuccessful in the Jubilee tournament.


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Although the Klaus Miesner Memorial Tournament will not be held next year, it will not be the last appearance in SC Ideenburg for SC Magdeburg. As club boss Michael the lion, who has been responsible for the organization together with "Strippenzieher" Lothar Schacke for years as well as his buddy, announced at the awards ceremony, he wants the Bundesliga club to want a preparatory match against a well-known opponent in Ilsestadt austragen in the future . Here, Lothar Schacke's contacts might again ask us to offer handball fans an interesting game.