"How to stop species and insects from dying? - Biotopic networks in the landscape are ... 2

"How to stop species and insects from dying? – Biotopic networks in the landscape are …

"How to Stop Insect Species and Die – Biotopic Networks Across the Landscape are Urgently Needed!"

Climate disaster and species extinction are problems that require rapid and consistent action.
Chemical-focused industrial agriculture is not only a major contributor to global warming, particulates and germs, but is also a major cause of the dramatic death of plant and animal species, ie wild bees, which are among the most important pollinators. Poisonous manure, deadly pesticides and fertilizer destroy lives (soil, water and air). Human health is also compromised (fine dust, multi-resistant germs, fog with poisons, bioaerosols …).
This turn can only stop the turn towards organic farming. For this reason, it is urgent to clarify the pesticide situation, which is only used by chemical and agricultural companies (including the Irrweg Pesticides Exhibition) 1) Vandana Shiva hopes for a pesticide-free world by 2030 and calls for a "100 percent worldwide civil disobedience" organic farming. 2)

Conservationists are trying to preserve the variety with small oases or create a new one, u.a. with wild bee projects (see below: UN Biodiversity Project, Decade of the Decade).

The main cause of the extinction of threatened species is the disappearance or mutilation of biotverbundlinien, especially hedges and hedges, in addition to extensive permanent irrigation of the field with contaminated manure or manure and deadly poisons.
Instead, we need many miles to protect the climate and species with new lines of protection, along with edges and rains, as well as everywhere else on other plants. The ecological value of hedges (with cores, mantle and herbaceous space on both sides) has been widely described and documented. 4)

The Landschaftsverband Westfalen-Lippe (1989) brochure "Biotopverbundplanung" shows that even then there was a clear need for new lines of protection,
Aquatic plantations etc. to ensure biodiversity in the so called The "cultural landscape" I saw!
Instead, the responsible authority (the "Environmental Coordination Division") was dissolved, the booklet disappeared and nature destroyed, the hedgerows and trees massacred, and hopefully reached their final destination by today's radical clearing of the landscape.
What is practiced in this country as "taking care" of "green on the road", you can call from the perspective of animals (insects / pollinators) and plants only hedges and tree massacres. This illness often corresponds to damage to public property or damage to property that is "harmful to one another" (§ 304 StGB). 5)

Photo: Crippled hedge!

Compensation fraud – Ahaus is not an isolated case …

A scandalous fraud case was discovered in the town of Ahaus with compensatory measures for sealing, construction, industrial properties, etc., indicating deficiencies in the law on nature conservation and construction! The planting of trees, hedges, etc. to be compensated for has not been systematically carried out or removed under the eyes of the competent authorities. 6)

We need protection and control of natural and ecological functions that provide care for all landscape elements and natural spaces that promote biodiversity!
The catastrophic situation of dying of species and insects speaks in clear language: The sum of all the effects that we supposedly make legitimate in nature is not sustainable for our nature! Real analysis of the situation shows that we are standing on a house of cards that is about to collapse.
We need a redefinition of the term "overriding public interest" against the background of current species extinction! Under the cover of this term, many, significantly detrimental to the nature of the measure, would supposedly be legitimized, to the detriment of the next generations after us! Maintaining and protecting functional ecosystems for the next generations is our real "overriding public interest."
The "effects of aggregation" and "significant impairment" under the Habitats Directive are not sufficiently recorded. Therefore, there are insufficient resources to stop the local death of species and insects.
Even our so-called "compensatory measures" do not adequately protect the last remaining, undivided natural areas and are not a suitable means of stopping the death of species and insects locally and globally. 7)
CONCLUSION: Our nature conservation laws are simply not enough!

Flower stripes as a propaganda trick?

"It's perverse. Compared to intensively cultivated farmland, our cities, and even many bordering highways, are now almost a haven of biodiversity, ”says Susanne Dohrn in her new book, The End of Nature. Agriculture and silent dying on our doorstep. "8)

Federal nature protection law calls for biotopes to be networked. Particularly in agricultural areas, "the linear and puntiform elements necessary for the interconnection of habitats, especially hedges and field grasses, as well as step biotopes, must be preserved and created where they are not sufficiently present" (§ 21 (6)).
Experts have long been calling for biotope networking. 9)

The now widespread floral strips are just an attempt to create a small compensation for the missing hedges, herbs and feldrains.

With great PR and propaganda efforts, try to eliminate the chemical and agricultural industries and farmers with flowering tape from the causes of species extinction. Often, different types of Blühischungen are glowed in annual flower strips along with monocultures (such as corn). After a few months, these places are "reworked" (mowed, compacted,
treated with pesticides etc.). Thus, these areas become death traps for animals, which man apparently wants to help.
Animals are twisted into these stripes and their lifespan will be destroyed again (eventually funded by taxpayer money!).

Photo: "flower strips" next to corn field …

In any case, as part of the "National Biodiversity Strategy", 10 municipalities are required to re-establish communal roads for new biotopic networks in the form of ecologically significant hedges (with core, mantle and edge) or permanent flower strips with native wild plants. here they are
Efforts in the city of Vreden are positive, especially since the cadastre of protection and the concept of care are also provided here. 11) A model request has been developed in Münsterland, which can be submitted in each municipality as a citizen request or through a parliamentary group (see: 12).

The Farmers Association has signed framework agreements on biodiversity at the state and county levels. However, in cleared areas with green deserts, little can be seen, instead, propaganda campaigns are conducted with billboards on questionably placed and inhabited insect nesting walls, in alibi flower strips, etc. The so-called "sustainability strategy" of WLV produces speech bubbles and false discussions. The Chamber of Commerce advises on "flower strips", for example, in Borken County. obviously did not lead to a more naturally acceptable attitude of farmers.

Furthermore, liquid fertilizer removal and poison dispersion are managed via / through trenches and troughs. The Water Framework Directive is also not implemented.
Farmers and construction yards of municipalities, counties, lands continue to slaughter over hedges and trees. First and foremost, care must be taken and carried out in close proximity to nature in accordance with the law on nature conservation (the section "placed on the floor" about every ten years). Hedges are a type of habitat with more species of wood than in forests and many life options in a very limited area, if left alone and respect the ecological functions (among others, a wide enough green area). 13)

Photo: positive hedge

Given the accelerating climate change and the dramatic increase in greenhouse gases, we can no longer afford to continue. All municipalities must become climate and "flourish", the "National Biodiversity Strategy" and the UN Agenda for 2030 (for "sustainable development") otherwise they will become a caricature! 14)

If only the hedge lines predicted by land consolidation were activated, the biotap interconnections proposed in the landscape plans would finally be implemented, and all compensatory measures implemented and controlled, sufficient basis to create many kilometers with new biotopic networks – especially in the form of hedges and hedges – there would be enough available. See "Hedgehog Attorney" George Müller (www.wallhecke.de) and the Working Group Safeguard Group (www.hecke.wg.vu)!

Photo: Flower stripes positive!
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