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"Inside Borussia Dortmund": Is BVB's Documentary About Amazon Prime Worth It?

On Friday, the documentary "Inside Borussia Dortmund" begins on the Amazon Prime streaming platform. We've already watched the first episode – and figured out if it's worth it.

The Borussia Dortmund cult club opens its doors, awarded in the new four-part Amazon documentary "Inside Borussia Dortmund" as the first German football club to have exclusive insight into its interior. That promises at least an announcement.

For almost six months, the award-winning film and football documentary Aljoscha Pause ("Being Mario Götze," "Tom Meets Zizou: No Summer Fairy Tale," "Coach!") Followed BVB with his team. The starting signal is at the Dortmunder Winter Training Camp in Marbella. At the moment, the team around coach Lucien Favre is in first place on the Bundesliga table and has six points in second place.

Five million euros, US giant Riese Amazon has transferred to BVB to receive exclusive insights. At least that's what they say Sports picture, Was it worth it? It's hard to say. Anyone who has seen similar formats like "All or Nothing" with Manchester City (Amazon Prime) or the football documentary "Last Chance U" (Netflix) will surely find the BVB documentary a bit tedious – at least in the first episode.

View of the "sanctuary": a cabin in Dortmund.

Image: Amazon Prime

Amazon documentary "Inside Borussia Dortmund": Wow effects are missing

They're not wow effects. The promised “deep insights” are more “insights”. A major component of the first episode are factual interviews with players, coaches and other Dortmund cast members, as one would expect in any other sports program. In between are previews for the preliminary round, a couple of camera bins on the bus, weight cabin or cabin. Deposited in dramatic music, it seems quite exciting, but neither manages to make it.

it's worth seeing: Marcel Schmelzer, a former BVB captain, talks about his role as a permanent journalist at the bank – and praises his successor Achraf Hakimi (20) in the highest tones. "I've been playing at that level for ten years, and every three days, as I get older, my body gets older, it's normal. That's when young players come in, as I've been used to, it's part of the football Achraf has a fascinating dynamic, vibrant … see that, and with what ease it handles certain situations that are still incomprehensible to me, does nothing to me and the club if we do not develop further. "

BVB shooting star Jadon Sancho during a massage.

Image: Amazon Prime

emotionally (at least a little): BVB goalkeeper Roman Bürki and bus driver Christian Schulz discuss their memory of the assassination of B.B. April 11, 2017 Bürki says – quite soberly – that he is still sensitive for two years after the attack Noise from the explosion reacts, it becomes acidic when someone drops an object with a lot of noise to the ground.

entertaining: Marco Reus reveals in an interview with The New York Times in mediocre English that he should actually be called Dennis, but Marco van Basten thwarted his parents' plans. Reus's father was so delighted with Van Basten's dream goal in the 1988 European Championship final that he named his son after the legend of the Dutch striker.

Very nice: For the first time, Dortmunder's famous "expert circle" is seen at the celebratory table. In the office of sports director Michael Zorc, BVB chief Hans Joachim Watzke, Michael Zorc, director of licensed play Sebastian Kehl and Matthias Sammer, who acts as an outside consultant, sit at the table. There is nothing more than casual chatter and a brief analysis of the BVB game so far.

The famous Dortmund "expert circle" (v.l.) with Sebastian Kehl, Joachim Watzke, Matthias Sammer and Michael Zorc.

Image: Amazon Prime

FC Augsburg appeared in Amazon documentary "Inside Borussia Dortmund"

By the way, FC Augsburg plays a supporting role in the first ten minutes of the episode. The goal for the goal is last week's victory in the first round of the BVB, with an incredible burst of emotion from the 25,000 fans who celebrated in the Southern Grandstand in Paca Alcácer's 4: 3 victory.

The first three episodes are released every Friday every week. The first on August 16th. The latest episode will be available from September 13 on Prime Video. Subscription to Amazon Prime streaming service costs € 7.99 per month.

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