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Kneipp and Bethesda are introducing a new program for seniors

The Kneipp Association and Bethesda Elderly Center have been collaborating for many years with various health promotion offers for a better quality of life in old age. Now on the agenda is a presentation of a new program for the fall. The motto: "With Kneipp for a better quality of life" flows like a red thread through the program. Brain fitness, active gymnastics, bowl singing, massages, herbal and wellness ideas and social events are popular activities for students, who can spend these hours with Kneipp instructors. Admission is free

"We especially want to balance social interaction with fun, fitness and experience in the new program," say Swetlana Stoba and Bernd Ahlers <! –-> from project management by Kneipp Bethesda. And: "We are always happy when interested people participate from the outside."

With pharmacists Felix and Maximilian Wiegert <! –-> A new collaboration partner could be found from Charly Pharmacy, which now integrates a new series of "Medicinal Plants" classes into the program.

Herbal remedies offer various treatment options with very effective and usually well tolerated products. "The team at Charly Pharmacy specializes in extensive herbal medicine treatment training," say Felix and Maximilian Wiegert.

In the introductory event on August 21st (Wednesday) at 3.30pm she is with Maximilian Wiegert on the topic: "Medicinal herbs against coughs and colds". Symptoms and possible solutions are presented. Massage ideas are on the program Sept. 19.

Sleep medicine will be another topic on Wednesday (September 4th), followed by herbal remedies for uncomplicated urinary tract infections on Wednesday (October 2nd).

Offers to move start with special trainer Anja Steinacker in the form of back, strengthening, stretching and relaxation exercises on Wednesday (September 18) and Wednesday (October 30). Sitting gymnastics is the topic of Dieter Gottschlich's Instructions on October 9th and November 6th (every Wednesday).

There are also a number of events: "Fitness for the Brain," for example with memory coach Claudia Kohlhoff. The setting is a game in a relaxed atmosphere, the dates being August 28, September 11 and October 16.

The Singing Bowl offering with Peter Assing will take place on September 25 and October 23. The offering will round out wellness lessons with Mechthild Heidenreich on November 13th. Massage ideas are on the program on November 20th.

At the closing event, entitled "Indulge", residents and guests gather on Wednesday (November 27th) in an appropriate atmosphere.

More information on the Internet at or in designed software brochures. Information also under ✆ 02562 7192-190