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Land Oberösterreich reorganizes health promotion: healthy living at any age

Upper Austria / Linz. The Upper Austrian Health Department coordinates the promotion and prevention of health. This will be based more on people's life stages in the future.

2 First of all, we are concerned with enhancing the competences of each of us for healthy living and acting. It is important that appropriate measures are implemented throughout the life span, which are in line with larger goals such as health goals and are well aligned with one another2, emphasizes Deputy Health Governor Christine Haberlander.

Over the past few months, the diversity of the existing offer has been considered and, together with experts, new approaches have been developed that should be developed into a long-term health promotion strategy.

Three program columns

The foundation is made up of three program pillars with a clear focus on the life stage in question: 2Gesund growing up in Upper Austria includes proven strategies such as mother and child passports and focuses on promoting the health of children and adolescents. 2Gesund leben in OÖ2 aims to strengthen the health literacy of the population. Third pillar 2Health and aging in Upper Austria should significantly increase the number of healthy years of life and promote self-determined aging.

Anyone can promote their health with their lifestyle and reasonable use of health system services, "Haberlander said. The conditions and structures for doing so would continue to work.

Include other departments

Health defined by the World Health Organization WHO is defined as physical, mental and social well-being. As this applies to all areas of the environment – including housing, work and leisure, Haberlander is important for cross-sectoral collaboration.