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Princess Dresses: How to Wear a Light Autumn Trend

Everyone who was outdoors at Copenhagen Fashion Week in August 2019 saw them everywhere: beautiful Danes in feminine, playful suits, partly translucent, with extremely large puffed sleeves and wide silhouettes. Influencer Pernille Teisbaek opted for the latest model from Danish designer Cecilia Bahnsen – and thus found herself in the best company. Model Caroline Bille Brahe even wore a Danish designer's wide cloak at her wedding to restaurateur Frederick Bille Brahe in the spring. Caroline was pregnant at the time, looking like a tummy at the same time – and with her clothing choices she kicked off the summer trend, which will continue into the fall of 2019.

How dresses with princess details became a trend

How is it possible for adult, emancipated women to suddenly get into princess dresses? Apart from making the clothes look fresh, there is one thing first: practical and flattering. Thanks to the silhouette and voluminous swollen sleeves, the wearer's legs and arms are slender arms. And also the mid-body can be as it is. Whether you eat too much or too little Danish celery, you won't notice the difference.

3 princess dress styles for fall 2019

For cooler temperatures, the fall style must be appropriate before. Sturdy footwear replaces flat slippers, and a lot of black as well as androgynous companions Puffy dress a breath of cold in the coming season. Three variants of style:

1. Pleasant

For those who have just embarked on their first princess dress, the next combination option is a delicate entry for fall 2019. Knitwear is the secret here. The cardigan warms you up, just like lightweight wool tights. In order to make it look like a fashion rather than a rural holiday, footwear should be sophisticated. The sections of the plateau always work. In addition, textures and patterns such as camouflage or artistic pony are exciting.

2. Sports

Black shoes for a white or pink dress? This compilation has long been considered an unexpected combination. Now times have changed. In her latest Fall / Winter 2019/20 collection, Cecilie Bahnsen proves how chic and avant-garde dark sneakers look like bright fairy tale dresses. Especially if you also wear black socks. For sports styling cardigans and sleeveless sweaters.

3. Punk

Alexander McQueen fashion shows maximum contrast styling: take thousands of sequins, rugged boots, a cycling jacket, style earrings and a chocolate bar as a cream cake. Subtle make-up prevents you from being scared – just like flat shoes. Because the high holes allow the wearer to quickly disguise themselves.