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Rebecca Mir: Hairstyle cracker! She shows up with a pony

Yes, is this really Rebecca Mir? The model surprises everyone with her new hairstyle.

Rebecca Mir
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Rebecca Mir: Hairstyle cracker! She shows up with a pony 2

Ever since she joined "Germany's Next Top Model", Rebecca Mir has become an indispensable part of German television. Not only did she become a successful model, she also launched herself as a TV presenter. She has always stayed true to her look – until now …

Rebecca Mir shows up with a pony

On her Instagram account, the wife of the dancer Massimo Sinató posted a photo showing the pony for the first time. She looks lasciviously at the mirror – holding scissors in her hand. The fans are completely blown away by Ablick. "Wow, Pony looks great", "You were sexy without a pony, now you are grrrrrrrrrr" and "Barbie would be jealous" are just some of the enthusiastic comments. But some followers wonder if the new hairstyle is real. "I don't think you cut a pony. I think you styled your hair that way," says one user.

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This is how Rebecca looks after her hair

No ponies or no – Rebecca's mantis is enviable. In an interview with Promiflash, she recently revealed her hair secret. "I go to the hairdresser every month and a half and I'm always cut off tips and I really make a really good medicine once a week and let them go for a longer time," she explained. "Otherwise I try not to smoke dry because they are always stressed while I travel and model, because they calm down and make them curly and when I am at home, I just let them dry and do nothing with it."

Did Massimo betray his Rebecca? You can read the full story in the video: