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Sarah Lombardi reveals her beauty tips

Singer, influencer, mother and since September 14th TV star alongside Dieter Bohlen … Sarah Lombardi is a great role model to many young women. Her beautiful and warm laugh and natural charisma are her trademarks. Joining work and children seems to be no problem for the 26-year-old. She manages to always be in a good mood and look dazzling. And she's slowly becoming the queen of fitness and beauty! On Instagram she lives a healthy lifestyle: she posts in sports or gives a huge fan (about 1.1 million followers) good beauty tips. In the interview, she reveals how she keeps herself nice and fit, how she deals with sometimes negative comments, and how she keeps up with chocolate and co.

Sarah Lombardi:
Sarah Lombardi: "I'm not perfect – and that's a good thing!" Photo Credit: Beauty Regulator

In the meantime, they are often featured on social networks by sports and leading a healthy lifestyle. What is your fitness plan?

Sarah Lombardi: "I train as often as I can and usually five to six times a week. I like a good balance of strength and endurance."

How often do you allow so-called "cheats"? And what does one look like?

Sarah Lombardi: "Of course I have a cheat day too! I love pizza, ice cream and chocolate! And on that day, I literally bathe in it (laughs). After that, it's always hard for me to give up."

You also have had a lot of criticism in the past on your body. How do you handle it?

Sarah Lombardi: "After pregnancy, a woman's body changes once. It's quite normal. I also think it's important to be open and not to audition for a 'perfect world' that doesn't exist."

What did this criticism do to you?

Sarah Lombardi: "It bothered me at first. In the meantime, I think about it a little differently. And I think the most important thing is to feel good about yourself in your body."

How do you feel in your body today?

Sarah Lombardi: "I feel very good. I'm not perfect – and that's good! There are always little things that bother you. But you learn to love them somehow."

What are your focus on nutrition? Are you doing anything different today than in the past?

Sarah Lombardi: "I eat a lot more consciously and healthily. I try to do as much carbohydrate as possible, and I rely on protein shakes with hyaluronic acid to tighten my connective tissue. I take Regulatpro Slim Beauty, a protein shake that fills a lot with beauty booster effects. It always comes after my training as a used shake-out after training.It has a beautiful pink color and is also very tasty and really full and rich in high quality protein and naturally promotes metabolism.I also take Regulatpro Hyaluron every three months.

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How did you get this?

Sarah Lombardi: "I was recommended by friends and colleagues a few months ago. So far I have had no experience with such beauty drinks. And frankly, at first I was a little skeptical … You hear a lot about it and some people say it's nonsense. I was curious anyway. and i just tried it. i'm really excited about it today and i can no longer imagine my life without my miracle bottles. i take them every day. the longer i endure the stronger the effect i notice. my hair and nails are much more powerful than before. so easy, and my skin is radiant and healthy. It changed after about ten days. I didn't even notice it. But my grandmother said to me: if I ate a lot of vegetables right now, because my skin is so radiant … And really, there are so many vegetables, fruits and nuts in one bottle. I couldn't eat that much a day. "

You have a radiant complexion and beautiful skin. How do you do it?

Sarah Lombardi: "The saying 'true beauty comes from within' is definitely true. In my opinion, a healthy diet is very important for healthy skin. You often underestimate it …

What products do you treat your skin with after a long day to re-blend it?

Sarah Lombardi: "I often give my skin peace of mind. In my spare time I barely apply makeup and do a soothing mask or exfoliate skin about once a week."

What does your make-up look like in everyday life?

Sarah Lombardi: "If I do makeup, then I just use a little mascara or something for my lips. I really don't make up my face in private, and then just very discreetly."

What is your favorite style of red carpet? Want to put more emphasis on your mouth or eyes?

Sarah Lombardi: "Either – or. If I emphasize my eyes, I leave my lips pretty blank and simple – or vice versa."

What is true beauty for you?

Sarah Lombardi: "Real beauty – for me, this is a confident, radiant woman who has both legs in her life and knows what she wants. If you are happy, then you are radiating. And that's the real beauty for me. "

Text: Andrea Vodermayr