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Stunning program at the palace


Concerts, readings, theater, exhibitions: Palais Rastede visitors know and appreciate it. And of course, the program for the second half of 2019 also offers this popular cultural mix. Now an innovation has been added, as was made clear at the presentation of the program in Rastede's arts and culture on Wednesday. It was the first time he had spoken in Palais.

"Magical Evening" is the title of the program, which will be presented by David Lavé on Sunday, November 17, at 6 pm, intended for adults. Lavé is one of the most sought after professional magicians in Germany, says Enno Kramer of the Arts and Culture Circle. The magician lived in Rastede for eight years.

Kramer is organizing, along with 2nd President Hartmut Jacob, a series of "Soiree im Palais" featuring the witchcraft, the duo Sing your Soul, Elvis artist Stefan Schael and singer Richetta Manager.

Three events are planned for the end of the year in the "Lectures at the Palace" series. Entrance costs three euros each.

Wednesday, October 2, 7pm: Professor Violeta Dinescu (University of Oldenburg) talks about "Reflections – The History of Music in the West to this Day."

Wednesday, October 23, 7pm: Prof. Mark Schweda (University of Oldenburg) is dedicated to the question "Pro-Age or Anti-Aging? Aging is the focus of modern medicine."

Wednesday, November 20, 7pm: Dr. Achim Engstler (writer and philosopher) opens an unknown chapter in regional history entitled "The Count and the Witch."

Sunday, September 29, 3pm: In this reading, which belongs to the series Lebendiger Frauenkalender, Sylvia Meining and Anne Kühn deal with Louis Martha Uhlhorn's home defense (1897-1983). Title: "While We Wait for the Grand Duke". Ticket price is eight euros.

Kramer is already looking forward to performing Stefan Schael on Saturday, October 12th. "I'm still an Elvis fan," he says. As a teenager he experienced in the late 1950s, as he came to his hometown of Bremerhaven, U.S. military transport. On board was Elvis Presley, who was greeted by screaming fans.

It is already a tradition to have a concert with singer Richetta Manager in the Advent season. This time he comes to the palace with new pianist, Armenian-born musician, Armine Ghuloayn.

Tickets for the press are now available at the Tiemann Bookstore in Rastede, Bahnhofstraße 4, telephone 0 44 02/8 38 40. Previously, they cost 16 euros, reduced 14 euros.

The last exhibition at Palais Rastede, Feldbreite 23, this year is dedicated to artists from the Oldenburg country from September 15 to December 8. Featuring paintings, prints and sculptures by 25 artists, the exhibition spans a wide range from naturalistic concept to abstraction. The following artists are represented in the exhibition: Marie-Louise Ahlhorn-Packenius, Veronika Caspar-Schröder, Louise Droste-Roggemann, Gertrud Freifrau von Schimmelmann, Helene Kempin, Anna Martens, Marie Meyer-Glaeseker, Luise Niemeyer, Elsa Oeltjen-Kasimir, Angela Peus , Olga Potthast of Minden, Hedwig Ranafier-Bulling, Emma Ritter, Emy Rogge, Trude Rosner-Kasowski, Paula Sedana Ship-Magnussen, Ruth Schmidt Stockhausen, Ingeborg Schwonke-Harding, Wernhera Sertürner, Eva Simmat, Marie Stein-Ranke Maria Strackerjan, Marie Stumpe, Luzie Uptmoor and Carla Zierenberg.

Until the exhibition There are also two curatorial tours available: Friday, September 27, and Thursday, November 14, at 3:30 p.m.

Lecture is also part of the companion program. It will be titled "Rising Artists" on Tuesday, October 22 at 6pm. Ticket price is five euros.

Working hours: The Palais Rastede is open Wednesday through Friday and Sunday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. It is also open from 11am to 5pm on October 3rd.

Ticket prices: Admission to the Palais Rastede costs four euros per person. Children and adolescents under the age of 18 are free.