Sunscreen, makeup and co-workers: as long as pharmacies are preserved 2

Sunscreen, makeup and co-workers: as long as pharmacies are preserved

By law it must unopened cosmetics last at least 30 months be. Products that are not, must with one Best before date be insured. This cannot be considered an expiration date. This says much more that products, if stored properly, have the original texture.

But once the product is open, the shelf life changes abruptly as does the content on Reaction to oxygen and germs from its environment, We'll show you how long your drug products can be used without hesitation after opening.

See here in our review:

Open pot

Open pot symbol has been on numerous cosmetics since 2005. The number and letter shown next to it give information about how long it lasts The product is still open after opening is. When opening, just write with one waterproof pen current date beside her. So at any time you can easily check if your product is still good.

When it's time for dust

Basically, you can rely on your senses. when Odor, color or consistency changed, it's high time you disposed of the product. When you use bad cosmetics, it may be different Skin irritation, redness, pimples or allergic reactions come.

By the way: The remaining waste belongs to expiring drugs.

Extend shelf life

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Save your products dry, at constant temperature and against the sun's rays protected.
  • closes The pipes are always good after use.
  • Always used when in use Clean tools and wash hands thoroughly.

Let's get there fewer germs in products and make sure they stay fresh longer.