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The forest remains a contentious issue

Ulrich BERG / Kirchdorf. "To provide all people with clean drinking water" is the goal of Johannes Pfaffenhuemer, CEO of Water of Life, who justifies his plans for a Ulrichsberg water bottler. However, AG Böhmerwaldwasser sees "profit-oriented water sales" that make them unwilling to sit idle.

Only one percent of water resources are available worldwide as drinking water. In addition, this scarce drinking water is also extremely unevenly distributed. "2.1 billion people do not have access to clean water, but this is recognized by the UN General Assembly as a human right. Fifty percent of all hospital beds in the world are occupied by patients who need to be treated with unclean water," points out Johannes Pfaffenhuemer. He has also been involved in quality health and prevention water for over 30 years and has launched WASH (Water, Sewer and Sewer) projects worldwide. In addition, the Kirchdorfer entrepreneur promotes innovative and decentralized bottling of water in Bag in the Box, so that "water retains freshness and health-enhancing ingredients when it reaches humans," he explains.

Careful handling

The planned Ulrichsberg Water Filling and Treatment Plant, now approved by the state administrative court, contrary to the first decision of the Rohrbach district administration, ensures careful handling of the approved water withdrawal volumes. "It must not adversely affect water reserves," Pfaffenhuemer points out.

Lots of questions

But that's exactly what project critics fear. It is incomprehensible to them that “at a time of lack of water and the hottest droughts since the fair's history, the sale of strategic deep water reserves to a private investor was approved by the state. Under no circumstances should the public interest be put behind commercial and for-profit private interests, "says Böhmerwaldwasser AG. In addition, too many inconsistencies and open issues have not yet been checked. Ulrichsberg water treatment The estimates underlying the permit are in part 20 years old, must examine the extension of the protected area and the principle of "water abstraction is paid for profit.

Objection to judgment

Böhmerwaldwasser AG wants to challenge the ruling in the Administrative Court and is convinced that "no deep water from the Forest can be bottled so quickly." They receive the support of politicians from the region who want to protect drinking water.