The future for the forest? 2

The future for the forest?

About 200,000 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease every year in Germany.

About 200,000 people are diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease every year in Germany.

Photo by dpa / Jens Kalaene

Social: All About Alzheimer's – One in two Germans don't feel well informed about Alzheimer's. Only 41 percent, according to a study by the nonprofit Alzheimer's Research Initiative, e.V. (AFI), said they were less informed and another nine percent were unaware. Alzheimer's is a common disease and most common form of dementia in Germany, with about 1.2 million patients. Each year 200,000 people are diagnosed with a previously incurable disease. Details can be found in "nd-gergeber".

The forest in Germany has been suffering from the effects of drought for a long time. Forestry experts are facing challenges while also having to clarify questions for the future: Which trees can handle climate change and conditions for 20, 50 and 100 years? In addition, the information in the guide.

Job: 2019 Working Hours Monitor – A third of skilled workers work free of charge for more than one year. How Many Overtime Experts And Executives Earn In Germany? In which sectors do employees work longer? On "2019 Hours Monitor" Partners compensation analysts will respond. Experts evaluated 215,403 data for the study. The result: Overall, 54 percent of all employees in Germany work overtime – an average of about three a week. Women work on average 2.2 and men 3.7 overtime. The problem is explained in detail in the advisor.

Living: Rent – Around the Bike. Carrying a bike in an apartment every night is a question for many tenants. The host may prohibit this under certain circumstances. Residents do not have to attach their bike to the sidewalk. However, a bicycle stand can be used in the yard. For fear of theft, some bike owners take their vehicle to an apartment and put it there. But it can ban the landlord by house rules or rent if he offers proper parking spaces, so Berlin tenants Kai-Peter Breiholdt. A bicycle basement or a bicycle rack in the yard can count on that. The transfer to the apartment could in turn damage the staircase, which of course is not in the landlord's interest. The counselor clarifies the legal situation.

Land and House: The Fate of the Badger After the Expiry of the Cancellation Period – What matters to customers? In the GDR, dachas played a big role. They are often built on foreign land. This was especially the case in Berlin. There is an absurd situation happening in badgers. If the owner resigns on October 4, 2022, under certain circumstances he will be required to pay half of the demolition costs. If he resigns as of January 1, 2023, according to the previous decree and its prevailing interpretation, the beneficiary must bear the cost of demolition if it is overthrown. What users need to know can be read in the guide.

Family and taxes: Keeping a small patchwork family safe – Even stepfathers are allowed to make joint decisions. Someone who lives in a patchwork family can sometimes arrange things for the children of their new partner. How much this right depends on who has custody of the children and whether the new partner is married to their biological parent. More details as always in the guide.

Money and Insurance: Internet Banking – New Rules From September. Millions of consumers are receiving mail from their bank these days. Lateral legal texts. Because no later than September 14, the current "iTAN" procedure disappears. Bank customers need to get used to new processes in online banking. And they are complicated. Our financial expert is informed in the guide.

Consumer protection: Consumer Center Brandenburg warns – beware! Abofalle instead of streaming fun. The concept of video on demand is increasingly popular. The trend, however, also uses money to lure consumers into alleged video streaming portals. You can find more in the nd-Ratgeber rank.