The Lucerne Institute of Therapy ceases to operate after more than 80 years 2

The Lucerne Institute of Therapy ceases to operate after more than 80 years

The Lucerne Institute for Education and Psychotherapy with Special Needs (IHP) will close at the end of August. The club’s assets have declined in the last ten years. Despite the restructuring, it was not possible to establish a successor organization.


IHP Lucerne must close the operation in its current form by the end of August 2019, the club said. The institution has existed since 1932. It is a center for psychotherapy competence in central Switzerland. IHP offers advice and therapy for children, adolescents and adults and further education for specialists.

Admittedly, the financial year 2018 was a comfortable one with 525 new registrations. IHP had 629 clients, including continuing education. Despite high demand, the institute has long struggled with financial concerns. The last club statement showed a net loss of 75,000 francs.

It would no longer be possible for the club to pay salaries in the future, President Erwin Hofstetter said on demand. Ten therapists and two secretaries work for IHP, which specializes in trauma therapy, among others.

The offer complements state institutions. The costs of treatment are not always or only partially covered by health insurance, victim assistance or IV. The association is funded by membership fees and donations. It is increasingly difficult to receive money. Payable contributions are also rare, Hofstetter said.

Decision in the fall

To secure an operation depends on a growing organization on large enough club assets. For economic reasons, restructuring had to be undertaken. In addition to austerity measures, the Executive Committee and the team have been working on solutions for the past few months, but the time has been too short.

IHP Lucerne is organized as a club. The board will decide its future in the fall. In the field of therapy and further education, some therapists are planning a follow-up offer.