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These three eating errors inhibit weight loss

Success-oriented children have only one purpose, a goal to be achieved – no detours, no breaks. Even worse, if the desired effect does not occur and the so-called plateau diet is achieved. Say: Weight no longer changes. This can be for different reasons, and in most cases is due to small errors that inhibit weight loss.

These three eating errors inhibit weight loss

1. Fruit

Most diets promote a healthy diet with lots of vegetables and fruits – the latter can prove to be a problem. Most fruits contain a lot of fructose sugar and, therefore, do not have the low calorie properties you are implying. So sometimes you can eat super healthy and yet your calorie intake exceeds your base metabolic rate. First of all, the amount that determines weight loss is important. And: Some fruits are really weight loss products – these include watermelons, grapefruit or raspberries.

2. Not enough calories

It sounds absurd that too few calories can trigger a canvas diet. However, reducing your intake dramatically reduces muscle and calorie consumption. The body needs its nutrients during a diet so it can function effectively and have enough energy – including sports. Otherwise, it happens quickly that your base metabolism drops and you suddenly eat more calories than you consume – and you're probably too tired to do regular exercise. Therefore: Keep your body more balanced and healthy and rely on frequent workouts.

3. Snacks

The diet is designed for small holes that you can fool yourself and its successes. Because even healthy snacks remain snacks and calorie traps are often unnecessary. At this point, especially food cravings can ensure that your needs are no longer satisfied with chocolate but nuts or protein. This is much better, but it also results in unchanged weight for large quantities. Better yet: Include a day in your meals, which you will then really keep. So you have not only an overview of what is broken down by the hour, but also a diet plan that you must adhere to.