This heartbreaking movie about dogs encourages smokers to quit 2

This heartbreaking movie about dogs encourages smokers to quit

Quitline New Zealand – Close your pets

"Close Your Pets" is the name of a roughly two-minute commercial developed by creative agency YoungShand. The story of a young New Zealand man and his dog – keep in mind from the animal. In this way, the viewer is not only reminded of the emotional relationship of the two main role models, but above all how loyal a four-legged friend is to their owner. The dog follows its master of smoking every step of the way – until one day it has cancer and needs to be euthanized.

With the help of a touching movie and an accompanying online campaign, Quitline wants to clarify that smoking pets are twice as likely to be at risk for cancer as non-smokers. The message at the end of the clip: "Your best friend wants to follow you anywhere. Lead them well." In addition, Quitline urges the target group to quit smoking and refers to a specially created campaign site.

Truth calls #CATmageddon with 30 seconds left

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There are millions of cats in the widths of the net. A movie that encourages cats to quit smoking, but it's been a long time – so far. True, both 72 and Sunny now use animals to raise awareness of a serious issue.

It is not the first time that pets are at the center of an anti-smoking campaign. In 2016, 72 And Sunny and the American Truth Initiative exploited the phenomenon of cat content and drew attention to the dangers of smoking habits for animals with many witty internet cats. But these two appearances differ significantly in their tonality: Where the Truth campaign humorously addresses a serious topic, Quitline and agency partner YoungShand choose a more emotional and dramatic approach – thus striking the bull in the eye.

Drawing on YoungShand in Auckland Anne Boothroyd, Scott Maddox (Creative Directors), Erin Mattingly (Copywriter) Jack Wadham (Artistic Director), Emma Dalton (Client Services Director), Ben Hopkinson (Group Account Director) i Jesse Kelly (Strategy Manager). The spot produced Making a movie directed Perry Bradley, Post-production took over Toybox, The sound is coming Ongoing studies. tenderloin