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Two special editions for Destroy All People! announced

THQ Nordic has two special issues Destroy all people! announced. Collectors, however, have to dig deeper into their pockets. Destroy all people! The Crypto-137 Edition will retail in select retailers for a whopping € 399.99, with the DNA Collectors Edition available for € 149.99.

Crypto-137 as a 60 centimeter tall figure

in Destroy all people! is that The task of the players is to overthrow the fragile government of the people and collect the DNA of their pathetic citizens, "Are you able to truly appreciate a cow?" Then the issue of DNA collectors is just the thing! Or are you looking for that particular extragalactic thing? Does Furon have blood flowing through your veins? Then only the Crypto-137 Edition comes into play!

In Crypto-137 Edition collectors will find one next to the game Crypto-137 height 60 cm, crypto backpack, key ring, 6 lithographs, antistress Glupschaugen toys, premium box (about 90 cm x 38 cm x 37 cm). In addition, the player receives all cryptocurrencies in the game.

Kultgame returns after 15 years

THQ Nordic brings a cult classic Destroy all people! after 15 years in 2020 back to current consoles and PCs. As a nasty alien, Crypto-137 terrorizes Earth's inhabitants in the 1950s.

A remake of the legendary alien action adventure involves harvesting human DNA and overthrowing the US government. With alien weapons and psychic abilities, it's against humans. UFOs are destroying cities. The remake also includes a foul-mouthed Lost Mission in Area 42, never seen before.

Two special editions for Destroy All People! announced 2

More about destroying all people!

The original video game was developed by Pandemic Studios. The Open World Shooter was released on June 21, 2005 by THQ publisher for PlayStation 2 and Xbox. 2008 was followed by a version for the Xbox 360. For 2020, THQ Nordic announced remakes for the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

Two special editions for Destroy All People! announced 3

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