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Virus: Worry about Gabalier

Vienna. If a professed man like Andreas Gabalier is lying, then that means something. And indeed: two very aggressive calls forced the musician to his knees.

Massively debilitated by vomiting and six kilograms, LKH Graz, a 34-year-old woman, is more easily tried to get back on her feet with an antibiotic bomb. With success, as Gabalier posted in a new video message from bed: "I'm on my way to recovery, an antibiotic attack. As it stands right now, I may be able to return home on Wednesday." However, he does not know what exactly turned him on: or viruses come from either swimming or eating. "

Great relief among tens of thousands of fans of the Styrian atmospheric cannon. However: The concert, namely the one in Switzerland in Hutwill, which was scheduled for today, fell victim to the singer's illness. Fans' concerns are now high as to the next upcoming Gabalier gig at Gamsstadl in Kitzb├╝hel (T) on Saturday. Gabalier: "Of course I have to spare myself and you'll see how quickly I feel better, but in the end such food poisoning ends so quickly, and of course, my biggest concern would be playing this legendary gig."

"Only 110 percent" Still: Doctors would have the final say, press spokesman Sepp Adlmann has a slight diminished hope in talking to AUSTRIA. Too much effort after the collapse of capital could damage the heart. Gabalier asks in case he refuses the concert, to apologize, "that I may not be on stage with the usual full power, but only at 110 percent," jokes the Alpine bard.

Gabalier's video message

Graz. With a slim voice, Gabalier communicates to his fans twice via Facebook from LKH Graz. In the first video on Monday, he asks his Swiss fans to apologize for canceling his concert in Huttwil. In another video yesterday afternoon, Gabalier announces his recovery and hopes to play Kitzb├╝hel on Saturday.