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Weight loss on the belly: By the way, you lose fat in the stomach

How to get rid of stubborn belly fat the fastest and most effective way? That is why there are many myths and tips on nutrition. Countless diets deal with the topic of belly fat. No wonder, the so-called visceral fat, and so the stomach fat, which remodels the internal organs, is considered by health professionals to be particularly dangerous. Heart attack, diabetes and inflammatory disease are at risk.

It's not that hard to lose weight on your stomach. You just have to follow these tips.

Weight loss on the belly: By the way, you lose fat in the stomach

1. Drink water

According to research, adult metabolism is boosted by up to 30 percent when drinking cold water. The body needs to put in extra energy to get the water back to body temperature. Another study found that those who drank water before meals ate up to 13 percent less food and were less hungry. All by itself and unconscious.

2. No bite

Snacks spoil the calorie balance. Frequent nibbling prevents the body from using stored energy. With every bite, your blood sugar levels jump and suppress fat burning. Better: To crave and approach craving, first drink a large glass of water and wait. Still hungry? A cup of coffee helps. By the way, the optimal break for a meal is between four and five hours.

3. Cook

The restaurant tastes good, but there is a lot of fat, flavor enhancers and sugar in the game, which we can't see at first glance, but can sabotage the customer's success. Who cooks and refreshes instead, almost automatically losing belly fat. Here's what matters: Use fresh and unprocessed foods. If you don't want noodles, you can use pea or lentil pasta. Thus, spaghetti bolognese remains a dish against the belly.

4. No sugar

The number one reason for belly fat: sugar. Unfortunately, it lurks everywhere and is even added to many supposedly healthy foods, such as in light products. But also in salad dressings, balsamic vinegar or ketchup sacks a lot of sugar. Our tip: Simply check your nutritional values ​​while shopping. But as a rule, the food is fresher and more natural, less sugar.

5. Indulge in alcohol

You must have already noticed: You have been abstaining from alcohol for two weeks and it is already showing two pounds less. Reason: The body treats alcohol as a carbohydrate, except that alcohol usually has a lot of calories. Blood sugar levels rise, hunger comes, but calories remain. Because: The body treats alcohol as a poison. So before it starts burning fat, it will break down the alcohol. The body generates 0.1 per thousand per hour. As long as the fat burning has to wait first.

6. Avoid stress

Due to lack of time and overload, today we are almost always in constant stress. Cortisol stress hormone levels are almost chronically elevated. This in turn leads to a fall in blood sugar and cravings. Fatal: The energy we supply is not consumed, but is preferably stored in the middle of the body as fat. To relieve stress, you should look for balance: it may already be a short walk, read yoga or a round.

7. Be patient

Belly fat responds well to small changes and melts relatively quickly. Still, one should not expect miracles overnight. The most important thing in the fight against life saving: follow up. If you follow the rules for a long time, your stomach will soon be in history. And please: He who sins should not be punished, and then he eats nothing. Just continue as usual and rely on the process.

To achieve long-term and healthy weight loss, we recommend changing your diet. A radical diet can cause and promote eating disorders. Eating disorder is a serious illness that needs professional help. If you or a family member is affected by an eating disorder, you will find, for example, the Addiction Line (089/28 28 22). Here you can – anonymously, without obligation and for free – talk all the time to someone who advises, supports and listens to you.