Weight Loss: Slow-Fit is a new trend of slowing exercise 2

Weight Loss: Slow-Fit is a new trend of slowing exercise

Sprint until there is a smoking trail; Weight Loss While Muscles Are Burning: Yes, in many women, exercise is completely exhausted only when they leave the gym exhausted and completely exhausted. But is exercise really more effective when more sweat is flowing? The new movement sees it differently and now Slow-Fit is responding to aggressive training. Why Slow-Fit not only strengthens our muscles but also benefits your health and psyche – we have all the details of a new fitness trend.

Slow Fit: The philosophy behind the new fitness training

Slow-Fit is a new generation of exercise that has long since entered the world of fitness and they promise to grow up. The form of training is ideal for those who cannot deal with sweaty steppers, screaming trainers and fierce microphone choreography, because Slow-Fit is a quiet movement that gently but effectively trains the body. The basics of Slow-Fit are exercises known from yoga or Qigong and meet here for a new workout. Although performed at a slow, controlled pace, they consciously challenge our (deep) muscles and also require concentration and endurance. Although you may sweat less, inflamed muscles do not always recover slowly.

What do you train during fit fit training?

Slow Fit is a whole body exercise that utilizes different muscle groups depending on the exercise. Often neglected muscles are also used, which in turn improves our posture and can prevent complaints such as low back pain. But Slow Fit is not just about losing weight, muscle and strength. Training also improves endurance, flexibility, coordination and balance – both physically and mentally. Because exercises need to increase energy levels, reduce stress and promote internal balance. Slow-Fit captivates us inside and out.

This is how a slow custom session works

Slow-Fit is still very new, so these special lessons are only available in Germany. Basically, you can compare such a session with a visit to a yoga studio. The body is strengthened by gentle, controlled exercises, challenging and stretched from head to toe; At the same time attention is paid to conscious breathing. This releases muscle tension and gradually we gain strength and flexibility. By the way, especially slow is slowly recommended in the early morning to start your day concentrated and relaxed.

Extra Tip: Slow-Fit can work on its own, but it also makes a great addition to faster, more intense sports units like running, boxing or interval training, helping to improve performance over time.

Benefits of slow fit – the conclusion of a training session

Slow-Fit is a great alternative for those who are not comfortable with aggressive workouts or are already fans of Yoga, Qigong and Co. Gentle movements protect the body and prevent injuries, but they train the muscles very effectively. However, if you want a fast hexagon or bicep, you are wrong – slow motion is not about pumping, but about calm, conscious training that slowly builds muscle mass. There are many other things, like concentration, balance, or posture; as well as a strengthened internal balance. Optimal conditions for coping with a healthy and full energy life – so slowly fitting it is definitely worth a try!

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