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What is your feeling

"Bro's birthday. Best regards from us. Good day to you »: Ben Zucker on Instagram. Photo: Instagram

It's a little embarrassing for us: Ben Zucker was recently discovered. When we were studying the Schlager-Open-Air program in the east, in Flumserberg (which is to blame for the Bern open air not being held).

Berliner is still a young star in Schlager's sky and a friend of Florian Silbereisen, though it's not necessarily a sign of greatness (that Zucker old video where he called himself Benni Fridge and spelled in the headline (I Want to Love You »), not from Youtube, but already).

Ben Zucker, when he was also called Benni Fridge and made mistakes on Youtube. Source: Youtube / TheBennifridge

Item. We deceased people clicked on us to meet Ben Zucker (his real name he doesn't want to reveal) through his videos and fall in love with us on the spot. The first association was: Matthias Reim ("Damn, I love you"). And others.

Source: Youtube / Hitbox

Yet Ben Zucker's squeaky voice is something very special. And his lyrics, aaah: "What do you have a heart for if you don't listen to it?", It's almost tattooed. We thought a lot about the next line, though, as far as grammar was concerned: "I can stop smoking, run away from me, but stop loving myself, I can't." Oh, fall in love, "What a feeling, it's a pure life," Matthias Reim described would make our feelings for Ben Sugar.

PS: When we were on Youtube, something that was not possible at the time of Matthias Reim's rise, the Swiss song sneaked into the sequence. "I swear" to Son and Büne Huber. Hell, it must be the most beautiful song in Swiss German. But also a different story.

Source: Youtube / SINAsinger