Are carbs really fat in the evening? 2

Are carbs really fat in the evening?

Can you eat carbs in the evening or is that not a good idea? Do you really accept carbohydrates? Here are all the answers!

More and more women are abstaining from carbohydrates in the evening. Instead, a lot of low-carb recipes end up on the table. Large onions are made for bread, noodles and co.

But is it not possible to eat more carbohydrates after 6pm or is it really complete nonsense?

And do you really sleep thin if you don't eat carbs in the evening?

You will find out in this post

Carbs in the evenings in theory

Theoretically, he says: Who does not eat carbohydrates in the evening, which burns fat at night. Noodles make you fat after 18 hours because they block the breakdown of fat.

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The spark of truth exists even there. No matter the time of day: when we eat carbohydrates, our blood sugar levels rise. Our body releases insulin. As a result, sugar (glucose) enters the cells.

Insulin is also known to participate in body fat production and inhibit breakdown.

Carbohydrates in the evening

During the day, our body covers its energy needs through the foods we eat. When we sleep, it resorts to reserves and removes fat.

However, nutritionists do not really agree. While some say carbs should be cleared in the evening after 6pm. Others thought that it depends on the total energy intake of the day.

So much for theory.

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When the evening comes do no carbs

All day long bread, pasta, pizza and co eat, and after 18 hours on low carb and go? Well not really 🙂

Just because you don't eat carbs in the evening, you still can't shovel everything you find in the day.

Whether we increase or decrease depends on the calorie intake during the day. Logical, right? This is what the law of thermodynamics teaches us. He says that if you give your body as many calories as you burn, you will not lose weight.

So if you consume 2000 calories a day and consume exactly 2000, your weight will not change at all. It doesn't matter if you eat them with carbs in the evening, in the morning or during the day.

Basically, it's worth eating less carbs if you want to lose weight.

You can find lots of carbohydrates in bread, pasta, rice, sweets and white flour products.

Take back the consumption of these foods completely. Then it doesn't matter if you eat carbs in the evening.

What about fat burning in the evening

During the day, the body goes to fat when we consume more energy than we consume. For example, through sports.

We burn and store fat all the time.

And the whole thing works like this:

  1. After eating, the rate of fat storage increases. It now exceeds the fat burning rate. Store primarily fat. And at the same time, burn a little.
  2. But that changes between meals. Once the food is processed, the body falls into a catabolic phase. Now it burns more fat than it alienates.

If you have a balanced calorie balance (i.e. eaten 2000 calories and 2000 burned), these phases alternate so that you will be balanced at the end of the day.

Did you eat more than you burned and then go beyond fat storage. If you ate less than you actually needed to balance, then fat burning outweighs.

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Whether the carbs are healthy in the evening or not

The most important thing is that you need to distinguish between simple and complex carbohydrates.

Because whether or not your carbs are healthy in the evening depends on what you eat and, of course, how much. Chips, pizzas, chips and white flour products of all kinds are not healthy in the evening or day.

Make thick carbs in the evening

Fast-digesting carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall quite quickly. In addition, they contain very little nutrients and fiber.

That means you'll be hungry again soon. And your body produces insulin throughout.

Complex carbohydrates cause blood sugar levels to rise and fall much more slowly. They fill us up for a long time and slowly supply energy. You can proceed here. But only in moderation, not the masses.

If you want to eat less carbs in the evening, then refrain from sugar and white flour. By then, you had already taken a very big step in the right direction.

Instead of 4 slices of integral bread, just take 1-2 and cover with lots of vegetables, cream cheese and herbs. If it has to be meat, grab a turkey ham.

Generally you should not have dinner too late. 2-3 hours before going to bed is just fine.

Why eating less carbs in the evening works for many

Discarding and losing carbs in the evening may work, but it doesn't have to. If it works, it is because you are changing your low carb diet.

A small example

In the past, you ate bread with sausage and then baguette with jam. Or spaghetti with big chairs. Of course, this is no longer possible.

You now eat salad, vegetables and a piece of chicken breast because of "omit carbohydrates in the evening."

Overall, you eat a lot less calories than before. You are fuller and longer.

You burn more fat at a time than you ingest. To give up carbs in the evenings, this is how it works: You get off. This is not because of the weather or because you are simply omitting carbohydrates.

It works because you eat healthier and eat fewer calories.

How Much Carbohydrate Do You Have To Eat A Day?

There is no such answer as a blanket. Because it depends on many factors such as height, weight, age, gender and your goals.

Generally, carbohydrates should make up 40 to 50% of your daily macronutrients. If you want to break down fat, reduce the shot to about 20%.

But if you exercise, then your body needs a lot of carbohydrates in order to have energy and build muscle.

Our conclusion

It can help you lose weight if you go without carbs in the evening. Especially with white flour and sugar you should keep your fingers crossed – but not just in the evening, but all day long.

You do not have to take a full picture of carbohydrates. Just make the portions a little different: get more vegetables and salads and less pasta. And the noodles you take should be whole grains.

Despite many arguments in favor of low carbohydrate intake, the basic information is how much and what you eat during the day.

Eating too much will not help you lose carbs in the evening. You will continue to increase.

Good luck! 🙂

Are carbs really fat in the evening? 3