Bonnie Strange resents feminists 2

Bonnie Strange resents feminists

imago90821418h.jpg "src =" "/></source></source></picture><figcaption><p class=Is Bonnie Strange really sexist or just a very smart advertising medium?

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Bonnie Strange loves to be exposed on her Instagram account, and one or the other image of the printed male genitals is already there. But at least the latter is not good for some. Now Strange believes he has to defend himself against accusations of sexism.

It seems somewhat paradoxical that Bonnie Strange was accused of all sexism. The bone of contention is – at least at first glance – their alleged habit of painting penises over and over and putting them online. Now the 33-year-old is forced to give her hateful opinion.

"I paint penises on my skin, on dirty car windows, on blurred mirrors, or even on the beach sand – just for fun," she writes with a photo of her doing it again. On the display is an untrained Strange, next to an equally untrained girl, on the back of a penis made of sunscreen.

"I learned today that it's sexist to paint a penis with sunscreen on my body as a woman," she says, complaining that lotion has been applied this way for almost two decades because it's her Have fun. But apparently many users have complained about this blonde hobby. "I've never considered myself a sexist and would rather call myself the opposite."

"Same shit as AfD"

Others did, but obviously just that. "That is, as I was told today in the inbox, 2019 is no longer ok," he continues to write. "I'm not allowed to do such a thing, and I don't think it's funny because sunscreens (that's what I said today in the inbox) are nothing more than a swastika so I wouldn't be anything but racist and equally shit AfD Wow, I love 2019! ”In her Instagram story, she even performs again. There she relayed a scene from a movie about a zombie, in which several dead are still alive, and wrote: "At the same time in my box: German feminists."

The real driver behind Bonnie Strange with their new post-fueling discussion is probably their collaboration with "True Fruits," a smoothie maker who has been criticized over and over for racist and sexist advertising approaches. In particular, in his social media campaigns, the company relies on provocations, including hashtags such as #schluckimdunkel advertising a white, milky smoothie called "Sun Creamie." This is also promoted by a picture of a woman with a liquid penis painted on her shoulder. It says, "Summer, when are you finally celebrating your Cumback?" The whole thing is complemented by a small print supplement: "Caution: stupid people may misinterpret this advertisement." Finally, the question is who really got something wrong here.