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Darida confidently before Bayern: "you want to introduce us playfully"

The Hertha BSC has the honor of appearing at the Bundesliga Opening in Bayern on Friday night. Since 2008, the leading champion has left no feathers in the opening game. Nevertheless, Vladimir Darida enters the game with confidence.

"We want to present ourselves as in the cup now, playing with the ball a lot," The quoted Berlin morning mail midfielder. Of course, more record work will be required against record champions than in the weak 5-1 in the DFB Cup at VfB Eichstädt. "But we want to introduce ourselves playfully, rather than facing the penalty area and lurking for counter attacks," Darida said. Czech hopes for a signal effect of good performance in Munich. If Hertha BSC is already optimistic, a decent win could give a lot of momentum for the rest of the season, regardless of the result.

He decided to fight for his place

Darida herself can count on the nomination for the starting eleven. Before the summer, hardly any observer would put on the Old Lady. The 29-year-old considered himself a candidate for the exit, but decided to fight for his seat. "I had a feeling before the preparations. I don't want to leave here, because again I can help without hurting the team," Darida said. He came in pre-season due to injury in only ten missions. Currently, new coach Ante Covic barely comes across Laufwunder.

Darida assures the cup

"If a player has trained as well as the Government in preparation, it often happens that they cannot implement it," the newspaper quotes a Croat. More pleased, Covic said that Darida in the Cup "was imperceptibly tied to the achievements it had previously shown." With a goal and a template, the national team is well into the new season against Eichstädt. Now this whole team has succeeded on the big stage in Bayern.