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Diet: If you wash these 7 foods, you can lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks

Want to lose two to three pounds, but do not need a diet or a more complex sports program more absolute? then we would have something for you here: According to colleagues at, we have seven foods that we need to do to lose about 2 pounds in just 2 weeks.

Diet: lose 2 pounds in 2 weeks? Then sweep these 7 foods

1. Packed bread

Most packaged foods contain substances such as calcium propionate and sorbic acid to extend their shelf life. Although not necessarily harmful, these chemicals are not needed by the body. So if you want to lose weight, you should completely leave the bread in two weeks. To lose weight in the long run, bake your own bread, and the best recipes for healthy bread can be found here.

2. Margarine

At first glance, margarine seems much healthier than butter, but it is also artificially processed food. It is better to use smaller amounts of oil or butter.

3. Muesli

Are we wrong with cereal in the morning? Unfortunately! Even if the cereal packaging promises to keep the contents perfectly healthy and balanced, there are usually tons of sugar in it. Spread your beloved mushrooms for two weeks and eat low calorie porridge.

4. Chicken nuggets and fish fingers

Urgh! Now it's disgusting, because chicken nuggets or fish fingers often consist of leftovers of meat or fish, which have a very high fat content. Add to that a strong dose of sodium! You should find out why you should not give up meat for only two weeks, but rather in the long run.

5. Prepared soups

Even with instant soups, we don’t want to know what ingredients are behind the “natural flavors”. If you really want to do something good for your body, cook the vegetable soup yourself and don't reach for the soup cone.

6. Flavored yogurt

With the word yogurt, everyone automatically thinks about eating healthy, and we have to disappoint you here too. The flavored yoghurts are far from healthy and contain tons of sugar. If your yogurt tastes like dessert, you can expect it to be anything but healthy. Instead, look for natural yogurt and mix fresh fruit. It is delicious and healthy.

7. Burgers

Of course, it's not surprising that you should go without a burger during your diet, but hamburgers made from vegetables or soy are not good for our hips. There are hidden levels of fat and sodium lurking in them. To lose two pounds in two weeks, you prefer to eat fresh vegetables and legumes.

To achieve long-term and healthy weight loss, we recommend changing your diet. A radical diet can cause and promote eating disorders. Eating disorder is a serious illness that needs professional help. If you or a family member is affected by an eating disorder, you will find, for example, the Addiction Line (089/28 28 22). Here you can – anonymously, without obligation and for free – talk all the time to someone who advises, supports and listens to you.