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"Dog": Dog and guard yoga in Hamburg

"Dog": Dog and guard yoga in Hamburg 2

Events This is yoga for the dog and the owner

Doga combines yoga for dogs and their owners. Meridian fitness fitness chain Hamburg is considering adding a special animal love training to its program. We looked at the first Doga training on Michelwiese.

You may have heard about laughter yoga, beer yoga or even goat yoga – that's right, with goats climbing on their backs during exercise. There are more or less serious yoga trends that also find their imitators. For the most part, these practices from the US cross over to us and have little to do with the original philosophical teachings of the physical and mental practice of yoga. "Doga" is the latest litter of yoga. The term consists of dog and yoga and is intended to nurture the relationship of a four-legged friend and his master or mistress in a special way, both demanding and relaxing. In doing so, we engage the animal in a yoga exercise, together grunting and barking or raising our puppy to pose in the air and playing the dog down or up with the pet. When we heard about the first Doga event in Hamburg, we were initially skeptical: You don't need to follow every trend and spin and tilt your poor Bello or Pfiffi around – after all, a dog is still a pet, not a toy. In fact, Doga, hosted by the Meridian Spa fitness chain in Hamburg, awaits us with a completely different program.

The dog plays paradise instead of yoga training

Instead of throwing out yoga mats, there is a course with various obstacles, giant bones, a children's pool and a ball pool – play paradise for dogs. At the Dog Meadow in Michel, participants not only meet a dog trainer but also two yoga instructors. No pet has to climb or walk on its outstretched back. Instead, trainers take turns worrying about the welfare of humans and animals: bipeds practice yoga poses under expert guidance, while dog expert Melanie picks up friends from four-legged feet. At various stations, the dog and the owner can train together, for example when crawling through a tunnel or crossing a sidewalk.

Playful caring for dogs in the gym

The Dog Event concept comes from Jonas Oliver Kleinke, a fitness manager at Meridian Spa and a dog lover. The 29-year-old also holds a Yoga and Pilates certificate and is very familiar with mobility training. During his various stays abroad, he was able to collect many impressions, especially from Singapore and Australia, where Doga has long been in demand. But he did not want to pass the dog sport one-on-one because it required a lot of training and experience so that people could actively introduce their dogs to the practice of yoga. So Jonas Oliver, briefly J.O., opted for a beginner's alternative to Dog: "We also offer child care at Meridian spa: why not try dog ​​care?"

In the end, we wanted to know if there could be any similarities between goat yoga and dogs? "That dogs like to lick sweaty feet in the end!", Jonas Oliver replied with a laugh. So no: Michelwiese is all about training and fun for humans and animals. Whether the Meridian Spa offers more Dog events has not been decided yet. The two-headed and four-footed present seemed at the end, at least pleased and relaxed.

"Dog": Dog and guard yoga in Hamburg 3

Fabienne with his French Bulldogs at Balls Paradise.

Every socially responsible dog and owner is welcome, with or without yoga experience. Fabienne, who trains here with her two French Bulldogs Cookie and Mini, says: "I love sports and I love my dogs. Because it fits great, they are both together. that, to the three of us today, we celebrate our dog's first birthday, and one of us doesn't remember it: Birthdays in the ball pool have always been the prettiest!

Tina Klostermeier