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Hair Removal – Benefits, Options and Helpful Tips

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Breast Hair Removal – Why Breast Hair Removal?

Hair in the man's chest is a secondary sexual characteristic. The term begins at puberty; Due to the increase in androgen levels, velush hair becomes pigmented and strengthens the terminal hair.

Therefore, it is a typical sign of masculinity, but hairiness is too pronounced in many men.

Are Hairy Men's Breasts Sexy? The flavors are different, and different trends also play a significant role. Last but not least, it is up to everyone to decide if they want to do something about their hair and how important, in this respect, the common ideals of beauty are.

So on the one hand he plays the aesthetic aspect the role. It can also play a role, whether a partner likes hairy breasts or not. they can too

  • fashion
  • Sports or too much
  • hygiene

be significant. Current fashion leaves many men undershirts wearing and tight-fitting tops are finding more and more men. Who has lush hair on his chest will not necessarily be happy with the choice of these fashion shirts.

In sports, many men often show significantly more skin. Many gentlemen from creation feel better when the hair on their chest does not flicker below the top of the tank. But also for practical reasons, one decides (like) against the hair: this is how it happens on the one hand less friction, Add to that the fact that Sweat dries faster, which would be synonymous with the point of hygiene.

Breastless hair also Save yourself sweat and therefore bacteriaAlso, cleaning is easier.

Breast hair removal: Not just the job of men

Even though hair removal on the chest is a secondary topic for men, there are also women who need to address this topic. So they suffer for different reasons, Often hormonal, but also due to genetic predisposition or over the years, under the individual terminal hairs on the chest.

These are in most cases around the areola. Sometimes their numbers are so high that they feel very upset.

Breast hair removal options

In principle, all waxing methods are suitable for breast hair removal. This is between waxing, superficial hair removal, as well as epilation, which also removed the root of the hair or even destroyed it to differentiate.

Thus, the hair on the chest can be shaved or trimmed or treated with depilatory cream. In this case, the hair is visible and noticeable again after a few days.

Epilator, wax or sugar are suitable for epilation. These methods take several weeks to regrow hair.

Remove hair on the breast by shaving

The easiest way is probably to shave your hair. This can be hair both dry with electric razor as well as wet shave Remove.

The application is simple and very thorough. However, it shows that the disadvantage is that you remain without hair for several days.

Remove or trim the hair on the breast

Another option is to trim the hair on the chest.This method is suitable for men who care for hair care on the chest.

They shorten quickly and easily; You can set different lengths. So the hair will be a trimmer not completely removed, only shortened, They return quickly.

Remove hairs from the breasts by epilation

For example, anyone who wants to separate their hair from their chest for a few weeks will choose epilation. The application is fast and easy; However, it is also a pretty painful way to remove hair.

The epilator, an electric device with tweezers, is used to remove hair and roots.

But keeping it off will pay off, as over time the skin becomes accustomed to this treatment – the hair is less and the pain is dying. However, this requires regular use.

Remove hair on the breasts with depilatory cream

On the other hand, the use of depilatory cream is painless – there are products for men especially in the store, because the condition of the hair is somewhat different from the hair on the body of a woman. Apply the cream and remove it after a few minutes, including the hair again.

Warmly recommends a Compatibility testingbefore first using depilatory cream. Not everyone can tolerate the ingredients of such products. You are hairless for two to five days with this method.

Remove the hair on the breast with wax

Waxing or waxing is another popular method of hair removal. It can be Cold wax and warm wax method differ.

Cold wax strips are glued to the skin, pressed and pulled. In the warm wax method, first apply warm wax to the skin; With the help of fabric strips, you can remove it – contrary to the direction of hair growth.

Waxing removes hair and roots. For two to four weeks you can look forward to smooth skin – but this variant is very painful and can be associated with skin irritation.

Remove hair on the breast with sugar

Sugar is a very old method of waxing in which sugar paste made of sugar and water, it is used. It is applied to the skin and removed as with waxing.

Due to its natural ingredients, sugar can be considered softer. Enthaaren with the direction of hair growth speaks for it. The hair here grows after two to four weeks.

Possibilities for permanent removal of hair on the chest

Finally, there is (n) the possibility of permanent removal of hair from the breast. That includes laser treatmentin which the hairs on the chest are treated and removed in several sessions with a special laser.

The roots of the hair are destroyed so that the hair is not restored. It should be noted, however, that in this context, the high cost of treatment is often EUR 1,000.

The other option is IPL hair removal It is cheaper than laser treatment and can be easily applied at home. It also proves useful that appropriate devices are also applicable to other areas of the body.

At last there is a possibility that electroepilation, This is offered in special practices and can also come up with the money properly. You can find more information about this method here.

Practical Tips for Breast Hair Removal

Depending on which method you choose, some points should be considered when removing the breast hair. If it is just individual distressing hair, like women's breasts, they can be easily pulled off with forceps.

Breast hair shaving tips

When shaving a breast, it is true that Wet shave more thoroughly is like a dry shave; however, there may be irritation and the risk of cuts.

Generally you should cautious and especially when using new blades, it is important to pay attention. using Shaving foam or gel you can achieve a smoother result and avoid unnecessary skin irritation.

Soaking the hair on the breast facilitates shaving – Shaving in the shower or bath is recommended. It should be shaved according to the direction of hair growth; Tightening the skin makes it easy to shave.

If the skin is irritated after shaving, it should aftershave apply. It is generally important, always sharp or new blades use. Immediately after shaving, it should be done without wearing too tight clothes.

Tips for trimming hair on your chest

Trimming is appropriate with thick and longer hair in the chest. no correct length; It's best to feel your part piece by piece – as a rule, most men choose the length between 3 and 7 mm.

Shaving patterns should be avoided. It should and there is no relationship between breast and chin hair exist.

Hair on the chest should dry be. The skin is stretched and trimming is done opposite the direction of hair growth.

Tips for Breast Hair Removal

Before hair removal, long hair should be trimmedotherwise they can be trapped in the epilator. We recommend a hair length of two to five mm.

One thing is important Thoroughly clean the skin in advanceto avoid possible infections. In addition, it is advisable for the skin to last about 20 to 30 seconds fresh; This relieves pain and reduces redness.

is waxed opposite the direction of hair growth, Most devices are set up at 90 degrees to the skin on.

Again the place to be treated should be directed. After epilation, the device should be thoroughly cleaned.

Tips for Using Breast Hair Removal Cream

In this method, it is important above all Read the leaflet and the skin testto make sure you do not react to any allergy ingredient. The skin should be clean and dry.

Then the cream is evenly applied as directed with a spatula. Exposure time is 4 to 10 minutes and should be not exceeded be. The cream is washed with water, preferably in the shower.

Tips for hair depilation on the chest

When waxing your chest, pay attention to the wax or strip of wax in the direction of hair growth Apply. Warm wax, of course not too hot be to avoid burns.

Hair should be not too short be – about 1.5 mm is recommended to remove hair with wax. Avoid this method:

Sugar Sugar Hair Tips

When applying the sugar paste you should as a beginner put on strips of stain, The paste should be in a water bath warms up and then at body temperature to be broken. She will opposite the direction of hair growth incorporate and subtract with growth direction.

Tips for Using an IPL Breast Hair Device

IPl is basically required refer to the operating instructions to throw. Ideally, it is the location of the body being treated previously shaved Service.

Slide slowly and with the device evenly on the skin, Proper behavioral measures are especially important after treatment:

  • No contact sports 24 hours
  • Do not take a hot shower, swim or sauna for 24 hours
  • Do without tanning / tanning for 1 week
  • keep skin dry and clean
  • drink plenty of water