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Halloween Makeup: 3 instructions for a scary look

We found three perfect Halloween make-up looks that are both simple and daunting. Our beauty editor explains how you can do your own makeup.

Halloween is coming! Now we can finally look back at the scary beautiful make-up ideas for our next Halloween party. Should it be as simple and scary as possible? Can you have it! We have selected three great (and pretty) beauties for you and we will tell you step by step how to easily makeup and what you need.

Halloween Makeup: 3 instructions for a scary look

We have three of the most popular Halloween themes for women: skull, skeleton and bat. Have fun with your makeup!

Makeup line

An absolute classic that can look really cool!

Directions: makeup of the skull

  1. Step: Example – Moisten makeup makeup and fry some white. Evenly smooth them into the areas you want to highlight: forehead, cheeks and chin. Make sure the transitions are nice and smooth.
  2. Step: Eyes – It's getting dark now. Draw a black circle around the eye line. She starts to put a wide finger next to your inner eye, then bypass her eye and eyebrow once. Then, briefly rinse the makeup sponge, apply it some black, and fill the two circles around your eyes with rubbing. The color on the inside may prefer to be a little paler than on the outer edge.
  3. Step: Nose – Get a kohl here and draw a rhombus on your nose. The lower tip ends between the nostrils, the upper reaches to the bridge of your nose. Fill the diamond with makeup and black.
  4. Step: details – Get your kohl or even eyeliner, and start with the details now. Draw small semicircles on the edge of the dark eyes and draw small strokes between them. In small semicircles you can now glue rhinestones or beads if you like. When done, apply horizontal lines on both corners of the mouth, each reaching the middle of the cheek. Then you draw vertical lines from the top and bottom to the middle line – also on the lips. And you already have makeup on your skull for Halloween.

You need these products for this:

  • Kohl, z. From Artdec
  • Beauty Blender, z. According to Givenchy
  • Black and white make-up, z. B. via Amazon
  • Half pearls for bonding, z. B. via Amazon
Halloween Makeup: A Makeup Idea
Makeup Skull: You need this make-up

Assemble the skeleton

The skeleton is high on the list of popular Halloween makeup.

Directions: Make a skeleton

  1. Step: Example – Moisten a makeup sponge and bring a neat white color and spread it all over your face. Cleaning blends the color into the skin and neatly glues the edges.
  2. Step: Shades – To make the skull look as realistic as possible, shades with brown color now come into play. Draw a line with a brown cochlea: two large oval eyes around the eyes, a circle with dots on the nose and a tilted cup on the cheeks. Use a damp sponge to pick up some brown color and fill the pre-colored shapes with dots. Again the color can be darker on the outside and fade.
  3. Step: neck – Do you also want to make up your neck? Then draw and grease a sponge around your neck two white fingers wide with white ribs and neckline and fill in the blanks with brown.
  4. Step: lips – Now wear bright red lipstick on your lips.
  5. Step: Eyes – For more drama, you can now apply eyeliner and artificial eyelashes. They make your eyes radiate even more. It's almost a cool skeleton for Halloween.

You need these products:

  • Brown kohl, z. From Clinique
  • Lipstick, z. B. "Color Riche Plump & Shine" by L & # 39; Oréal
  • White-brown make-up, z. B. via Amazon
  • Beauty Blender, z. B. on the flacon
Halloween Makeup: Makeup after the skeleton
Makeup Skeleton: You need this make-up

Assemble the bat

Trick or treat? This view is cute and scary at the same time!

Instruction: Make a bat

  1. Step: Eyes – Now you can play with the shadow. Apply different shades to the eyelids with the eyeshadow brush. Start with light colors and move to darker ones. Orient yourself in color image design. It should look like a sunset.
  2. Step: Cheeks – Again color comes into play. First pick up red, then orange and purple with a wide rose brush and spread the powder in a circular motion spreading the color powder on your cheeks. Gently blend the shades together.
  3. Step: eyeliner – Now take the liquid eyeliner in your hand and draw the normal eyelid line across the wreath with a small brush first. Instead of the classic wing, you end up eyeliners painting the bat wing. Orient yourself to the template. The ejiliner can be drawn even to the inner eye, where it extends towards the wall of the nose.
  4. Step: lips – Now add an orange lipstick and a simple Halloween lipstick is ready.

You need these products:

  • Eyeliner, z. B. "Liquid Ink" by basis
  • Lipstick, z. "L & # 39; Absolu Mademoiselle Shine x Chiara Ferragni," Lancôme
  • Shade, z. B. "Ultimate Eyeshadow Palette" from NYX
  • Shadow brush and rose brush, z. B. from Jack's Beauty Line
Halloween Makeup: Bat Makeup
Bat Makeup: You need this make-up

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