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"HypoCat": researchers develop cat allergy vaccine

"HypoCat" starts with a antibody allergen "Fel d 1" mat, which is a major driver of allergic reactions in humans. This comes from the work under cover University of Zurich out. Entitled "Immunization of cats to induce neutralization antibody against "Fel d 1," the most important feline allergen in humans, "the study was published in the journal Allergy and Clinical Immunology." HypoCat ": injected with animals, not humans," Fel d 1 "protein, The cause of allergic reactions is found in cat saliva, tears and dandruff – and not, as is often assumed, in cat hair.

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"HypoCat" suppresses reactions to "Fel d 1" in humans – and caused, according to researchers in the first tests, animals without intolerance. Total originated in collaboration with researchers from the Latvian Biomedical Research and Study Center Riga, Vetsuisse College University of Zurich and the Zurich Functional Genomic Center, four studies measuring 54 cats. A viral particle vaccine is being formulated antibodythat in turn allergens how to neutralize "fel d 1".

By the way, the vaccine should be ready for market within three years. University of Zurich he founded a subsidiary called HypoPet specifically to "protect and strengthen the close bond between pet owners and their beloved companions," as the University announces on its website. So it wants to develop a vaccine for allergy dog ​​lovers in the near future.

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Another aspect of "HypoPet" research is that they are methods, animals antibodies injection, in perspective, "could bring relief in diseases such as allergies, inflammation, pain or cancer." This would be the state of health of the future pets served.

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