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If you want to really experience RTL II, go to & # 039; in Zurich Bada

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Emma Amour

If you want to experience RTL II in reality, go to Zurich Badi

They wear strings, put makeup on in the bathroom and sip drinks. Anything that can make a good trap in their stock. On top of that, the guy who's here with his girlfriend gets lusty. And me? Have fun like a pig!

I notice the Chickens as I enter Badi. Nose Schlärpli with thin heels. On a wooden pier. And they are crazy perfumed. In the bathroom. Also, they are very makeup and the hair is freshly washed and treated with Babyliss, Beach waves. It will look so cool by accident. But hey, the girls aren't kidding me here. After all, be very much on the Beachwaves.

One has a very short dress. Backless. Pink and white plaid. When you bend down, you can see her Füdli. There should be no baths there. He wears a belt.

Her girlfriend has ultra short and very tight jeans hot pants. An XS bikini top, though, or maybe just because her breasts would fit better in the middle. He smokes one of those thin cigarettes.

The two of them are sitting to my right. Which not only makes me happy. Also the guy on my left is really looking forward to it. Which brings him trouble. He's here with his girlfriend. Rummotzt for two hours. Coffee too hot, too little cold, toilet dirty, acaii too expensive.

And a guy like that all the time: "Good, honey, yes, honey, will I get you some ice cream? Do you want to glide at me? Would iced coffee make you happy?" She is constantly ugly: "No no. No "

I am more and more glad that he is now a slave to his hormones. Now his sweetheart runs with him on the pitch too high, before he fights. It's shameful. I smile at him and say I fully understand. And the girls would fascinate me.

It flows into the edge of the pool!

They won't notice anything. They are incredibly busy. Using boomerangs, superzomes and filtering. They came to do supplies.

Instead, the early twenties head to the toilet, where they refresh their makeup, order drinks that they do not drink or soak like sirens in water, in which even little toes do not clean.

At 34 degrees.

I find shitty boyfriend funny. The way he comments on what's going on here amuses me a lot. Also, I like that he rudely admits that he is a girl "Hot" place. "You know, my girl, I can't say something that is incredibly jealous."

By the way, her bath is long over. Now she sits alone at the edge of the pool and smokes. If the poor has to endure such a thing, I secretly wish him at least a very good reconciliation sex.

I just want to put the headphones back in my ears when it really starts. «@ / &% * () Did not reply in full», outraged by the XS bikini. "Whuaaaat, Brudi, seriously?"

(When in fact the girls started doing it themselves "Brudi" to call?)

"A lot, man!" A friend wants to comfort: "He didn't deserve you. Look at him. It's full of Bubi! "

Hahahaha! Hahahaha! Haha!

"There's Luana %% as well!" It's not enough. "He walks around like a peasant!" Also, "@ / &% * ()" is known for playing with women. The biggest problem though: "It looks phenomenal and it's so scandalous everywhere when it enters the club."

The relative "slept" several times

I don't know when I was so happy last time when I wasn't 20!

The second is better. It's still unclear what this is about the guy he's dating. She can think of more. Bloss: "He doesn't know that I've borrowed Kevin several times on his way out."


Kevin is a relative of her soon-to-be friend. "Easy, you were single", another finds. I don't understand why the cousin's business turned around, but it's not true that "% & (/) (" fucked Luana while he was at least irresponsible in an XS bikini. "

And is it possible that the relatives didn't really talk about the girl and his qualities?

And why is my friend next to me on the pelvic wheel still on the thunder and why is her boyfriend so hollow and did he actually buy another ice cream?

I want to get away from the music again because the couple next to me packs their things and makes the place free. To Whom – OH MY GOD – Angelo Boffa, EVENTS FRIEND Sharon Stone (!!!).

This is no joke. It really is. Angelo Boffa.

I can't hear the music.

I can not breathe.

Will she call Sharon right away?


Two hours later the sun went down. Sharon didn't come. And the only woman Angelo spoke to was (credibly) his mother.

For today, I end up with the Badi parallel universe.

I'll be back soon.

I'll be there until I have a selfie with Sharon!


If you want to list in Badi, then take a good look at the pros!

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