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Is it sexist? Bonnie Strange Penis Problems

Berlin – It's a classic: if a friend is sleeping on the beach, it's not unlikely that anyone would use the watch service with sunscreen penis After sunbathing this is triggered with a "penis tattoo".

Bonnie Strange at a marketing fair

Bonnie Strange at "Rockstars Online Marketing".

The problem: if you do it as a woman, it's obviously sexist. At least Bonnie Strange blamed it. 33 year old penis problems!

"Every time and almost 2 decades when I use sunscreen I paint (because it's so easy to paint) a sun penis on me or on other creams (women – men)," Instragram writes (Spelling taken over). She democratically painted a friend's penis with sunblock on her back.

She never considered herself sexist – on the contrary: "Well, I paint penises on my skin, on dirty car windows, on blurred mirrors, or even on the beach sand – just for fun, this, as I was told in the 2019 inbox, is not ok."

She was not allowed to do such a thing, especially funny. Reason: "Sunscreen penises (which was explained to me in my mailbox today) are nothing more than a sunscreen swastika and so I really wouldn't be anything but racist and crap like AfD Wow. I love 2019! "

Their more than 860,000 followers can grasp the objection just as little, even if the user immediately has the perfect solution: So Bonnie could now use "politically correct" flasks 🍆.