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Iserlohn Rooster Fanfest at Bauernkirche

"When you are 25, you can also have a great party. You never know if you can celebrate 30." says Roosters club boss Wolfgang Brück. The man knows what he is talking about. wants to fully enjoy his club's birthday.

"Celebrating in the Lounge"

The party is celebrated on Sunday, August 18, at Iserlohner Fritz-Kühn-Platz, directly on Bauernkirche. "Granted, we're not celebrating exactly in the heart of our city, but celebrating in a salon that has blossomed into a special place for the past two years. Roosters are important not only to open the season, but actually to a birthday party. 25 years of the Iserlohn hockey club and 60 years ice hockey in Sauerland is finally worth a lot of fun.

25 years of Iserlohn hockey club + 60 years of ice hockey in Sauerland

It starts with a movie screening. At 12:00 noon, the Roosters show, along with local supplier, Stadtwerke Iserlohn, the strip formed "huts at Seilersee" last season. Who has not yet experienced this special look at 60 years of hockey in Sauerland will finally enjoy it. The film is shown on an LED screen nine meters wide and six meters wide, i.e. in Full HD. Anyone who can come to Fanfest later will have a second chance to watch the movie at 6pm, which will then be screened again.

Ice huts open on Seilersee

After its first film appearance, the accompanying program at Fritz-Kühn-Platz begins at 1:30 p.m. Then even the smallest of Fanfest fans can look forward to a fiery red motorhome with endless opportunities to join, exciting boxing climbing and a hopping mansion of a home vendor. The marching music group TV Sundwig, which tracked roosters through the city center at Iserlohner Schützenfest, and consists exclusively of fans of the Sauerland region, provides musical diversity. Rudi Müllenbach and others speak on stage. with guests from Iserlohn Fanbeirat and from the Roosters rooster department. In addition, Gastro-Empor autographs with players from the current Roosters squad every 15 minutes – including shared photos.

Peter Gailer pays tribute

The highlight of the day is the big birthday show, moderated by Holger Speckhahn and Mirko Heintz. Unlike five years ago, looking specifically at the first playoffs of the season, this year's focus is on the first years of the IEC. For example, Tim Specht, Daniel Hesmert, Peter Hellmann, Mark Jablonski, Sven Doual, Eric Daniels, Christian Reichmann, Bernd Schutzeigel and Butzi Gailer will all be included in the 1994/1995 season premiere. As a very special guest, the blue and white are waiting for their first head coach, Peter Gailer, who now runs the hotel in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. "We're actually in the middle of the high season, but I don't want to miss this birthday," said the 63-year-old, who for the first time in many years takes the opportunity to celebrate his reunion with his boys. It won't be the only one, because even founding chairman Jochen Vieler takes the stage with founding member Gerd Kraatz, who then headed the youth department in Sauerland. "If Jochen Vieler and Thomas Aumer had not worked so hard for posterity at the time, perhaps the IEC would never have existed," recalls Kraatz, who comes from Schleswig-Holstein to Waldstadt.

Also comes Teal Fowler

Another guest of honor is former Roosters captain Teal Fowler. After having to quit five years ago because of a training camp with Eagles Mannheim, where he worked as a manager, the 48-year-old American is unable to visit his old homeland again. "Iserlohn was my home from 1996 to 2005. My two children were born here and to this day there are friendships. I am very happy that the club is rethinking me for this special anniversary." Unfortunately, one had to cancel in the short term , which the Roosters would love to have: Terry Campbell. The Sauerland first-team national must compete in the tournament with his junior team on Sunday, sending greetings and looking forward to returning to Iserlohn no later than his 30th birthday.

Head coach Jason O & # 39; Leary talks about the new season

Then, of course, the current team of the Fifths is still in focus. Sports director Christian Hommel and head coach Jason O & # 39; Leary discuss the new season. With this, of course, the new team will introduce themselves in detail. Also on stage is the band & # 39; Rustic & # 39 ;. Björn, Christian, Kai and Philipp have created an anthem for ice hockey in the region with the song "My friend is Sauerlander".

Autograph session with complete team

The afternoon was rounded off with a few surprises and another great autograph session with a complete new coaching squad and Roosters squad for the 2019 and 2020 seasons beginning at 5:00 pm.