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Kay Baxter – Growing solid nutrients to restore your health

Kay Baxter has been saving seeds and gardening for over 50 years. Its mission is to save the genetic lines of vegetables from cultural heritage, fruits and nuts grown in New Zealand and Australia that have been lost through time and monocultural agriculture.

Kay lives and breathes her philosophy of co-evolution with the environment. She teaches that if we are to save our own health from genetic dietary degeneration, then we must repair our bodies by repairing our food and soil.

If you want to learn how to grow, cook and store nutritious whole foods, then join us in this very special webinar and take your health back into your own hands.

In this webinar you will learn …

Why most of us do not get the nutrition we need, and how it affects our health and even the health of NEXT GENERATION.

Why should we step back in the process of co-evolution with our ecology and the food we eat.

How To Repair Your Gut Health With Nutrient Dense Food And Cooking |

The easiest way to keep the best, nutritious and dense vegetables for future generations.

Easy ways to monitor and increase the nutritional density of the plants you grow.

How to find and find nutrient-dense meat.

Kay Baxter Kay Baxter has been an organic gardener for fifty years and is the co-founder, now CEO / managing director of the Koanga Institute in New Zealand.

She is a professional seed lifter and educator in the field of nutrient dense food production and regenerative garden design and management. She is a researcher in the field of human health in relation to our environment and has authored many books on the subject.

For many years, her research has focused on the links between soil health, plant and animal health and human health, and has focused on home gardeners' techniques for growing nutrient dense foods.