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Meow: Soon is a cat allergy vaccine History?

Good news for all cats who are allergic to cats with a small fur ball allergy: The Swiss research team is currently working on a cat allergy vaccine, also called cat hair. As part of the study "Cat immunization to induce neutralizing antibodies against Fel d 1, a major cat allergen in humans" is exploring ways to allow allergy sufferers to cuddle with cute pets.

Cat allergy soon history?


Make love with cute cats without the fear of sneezing and coughing, shortness of breath and itchy eyes? That could be possible soon. Research Group HypoPet AG namely, it works by reducing the onset of saliva, dead dandruff on the skin and cat hair "glycoprotein Fel d 1". This protein is actually responsible for people's allergic reactions to cat hair. "In the meantime, we are so far in developing the feline vaccine that we can say that it is considered safe"said the team on the USZ website.

Like the flu vaccine

Here, according to media reports, it is not the pet owner himself, but the vaccinated cat "We are pleased to release this data showing that our HypoCat vaccine can produce high levels of antibodies in cats. These antibodies bind and neutralize the Fel d1 allergen produced by animals "said Gary Jennings of HypoPet AG in the show. The active ingredient in "HypoCat" has been reported Daily Mail be on the market at the earliest 3 years For the study, in the journal "Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology" published, researchers tested 54 cats with three vaccines of that substance. Antibodies should therefore be successfully formulated in all cats. Equally important: According to the study, the vaccine is well tolerated by sweet four-legged friends.