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Natural remedies for sunburn

How to treat sunburn

08/15/2019 08:22 AM

Those who catch the tan must treat the burned skin well. Nature offers help. Read which herbal remedies relieve the symptoms.

The sun is in a good mood and provides vitamin D. But too much UV radiation burns the skin. Sunburns are not only unpleasant but also painful and dangerous. Skin burns should therefore be avoided at all costs. Protect yourself with your skin type with sunblock and optimal clothing. Read the Cancer League Sunscreen Tips.

Aloe vera

Aloe vera is anti-inflammatory, cool and moisturizing. In addition, the gel relieves itching and helps regenerate. In addition to the aloe vera cream from the pharmacy, it helps to gel the plant directly: Cut off the plant leaf. Let it simmer for a moment, then wrap the tin in plastic wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes. Then cut a large piece of chilled leaf and cut it lengthwise. This allows you to scratch the gel and apply it directly to the sunburn.


The cucumbers cool and moisten. They soothe stressed skin. Cut a few slices of cucumber and place them directly on the sunburn. The effect is amplified when the cucumber is refrigerated. You can also use cucumbers mixed with cheese or yogurt as a mask. Allow the mixture to soak for about ten minutes, then wipe off any residue.

Black tea and chamomile flower

Allow the black tea bags to boil for a few minutes and refrigerate them. For minor burns, cooled tea bags can be placed directly on the injured area. Alternatively, you can also make a chamomile flower. Add five tablespoons of chamomile flowers to 0.5 liter of boiling water. Let it simmer gently for about ten minutes, then cool it and soak in towels. This can put you directly in sunburn. Both methods soothe the skin, promote wound healing and prevent inflammation.

oak bark

Oak bark tannins help calm and protect the skin. In addition, the itching has been alleviated. Take two tablespoons of oak bark and boil them with 250 ml of water. Uncover pieces of oak bark and refrigerate. Fill the spray bottle into the cool liquid and spray it regularly at the site to be treated.

Our Lady's Grass Oil

After cooling with the aforementioned medicines, canton oil helps relieve pain and help restore skin. In addition, the oil is antibacterial and the toxins are secreted faster. You can brush the sunburn directly with a thin layer of holy onion oil or place it on saturated strips of gauze. Attention: Pomegranate oil increases photosensitivity. Avoid the sun after that!

General tips for sunbathing

  • Stay in dark, cool rooms.
  • Avoid further UV radiation until complete recovery from sunburn.
  • Drink a lot. Your body now needs more fluid.

With a sunburn doctor?

For severe burns – such large areas, blistering or skin removal – please see a doctor or a naturopathic doctor.

Sunscreen: mineral or chemical?

Chemical sunscreens convert penetrating UV rays to other forms of energy, such as heat. UVA filters help prevent premature aging. UVB filters protect against sunburn. It takes about 30 minutes until the cream is completely absorbed and develops its protection. Because the creams are falling apart, after three to six months, they can no longer be used. The advantage, however, is that SPF chemical sunscreens can be very high. Mineral sunscreens are usually recognized by the indication on the packaging. You get natural pigments white. They act like mirrors and reflect the sun's rays. Cremation produces a white film that sometimes disappears after a while. Mineral sunscreens are faster ineffective than water and sweat than chemical creams, but you have been acting from the first minute.