NOZ: Parkinson's Pesticides: Left calls for recognition of farmers as occupational disease 2

NOZ: Parkinson's Pesticides: Left calls for recognition of farmers as occupational disease

Osnabrück (ots) – Government expects no quick decision /
Researcher: Contact with pesticides as a trigger

Osnabrück. Parkinson's disease is an occupational disease in France
Farmers, winemakers and gardeners are already recognized in Germany
the appropriate test will take several more years. That's it
The federal government has now been notified at the request of the Left Party,
reports "Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung". Left-wing agricultural expert
Kirsten Tackmann takes too long. She told the magazine: “The Left
it does not just require the completion of an inspection process within one
A year, but finally a long recognition as
Occupational disease. "It's cynical, the victims continue to help
refuse, so Tackmann.

In June the competent medical advisory council
The federal government in the first step of "general eligibility"
Parkinson's disease as an occupational disease in agricultural occupations.
It will now be scientifically investigated in the second step
whether or not a professional representative is involved in dealing with pesticides
"significantly higher risk of disease compared to
The general population, ”he writes
Federal Ministry of Labor. It was from “perennial
Consultation period. "France has the right ones
The recognition was already completed in 2012 by regulation. Working time
in Germany they are "unacceptably long," Tackmann criticized.

Studies have been linked in recent years
discovered between Parkinson's and pesticides in the agricultural sector
used or used. Beate Ritz, professor for
Epidemiology from the University of California, said "NOZ": "It
There is plenty of evidence in research. That is mine
Opinion undoubtedly. "Parkinson must be an occupational disease in
The agricultural sector, he concludes. In one
Affected persons are entitled to benefits
from legal accident insurance. I can do this for example
Costs of rehabilitation or pension payments.

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