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"Playing on top": Kreisliga teams register claims

Finally, he returns to points in Football League A. Confidence is not lacking in most potential top teams. Eastern season situation before the season starts.

Kreisliga A Ost Weekend kicks off its new season. However, at first, most football coaches and officials are dissatisfied – with suboptimal conditions – "I don't want to complain, but I think the match dates are nonsense," says SV BW Murg Sven Oertel, who shares his opinion in the league and not alone. The summer break is getting shorter and shorter, with the start of the season in mid-August. "I hope he is similar to the other teams, then at least he is balanced," commented Bad Säckingen coach Rusmir Omeragic, smiling at the concerns of staff who are troubled by him for missing out on vacations. But everything seems incredibly secure before the start: The roles in the league are clearly distributed.

We are currently far from the topic of revival. Brennet Coach Urs Keser

From the county league that was thrown out as a table last year, many are Spvgg. Brennet-Öflingen as favorites in first place in the sights. However, their coach Urs Keser has restrained himself after 113 goals in the preseason and the loss of first baseman Tolga Polat: "We are far from the relegation theme at the moment. I rely more on other teams like SG Mettingen / Krenkingen or Murg." And his sports federation? "We need to see how we get along and get started," Keser says.

At SG Mettingen / Krenkingen in season two, you go with fox coach Georg Isele, and he is traded after finishing third last year as a major favorite on the rise. It's not mandatory for Isele to go to the district league, but "we know what we can and still see the potential to play at the top." At SG, it is important to continue the development of the past years and continue to work with the team on the strengths.

BW Murg and FC Bad Säckingen want to play together

Isele claims to have "an intelligent and well-trained team that is also able to change tactical orientation during the game and thus respond to an opponent." Among the competitors in the promotion race are Isele, last year's fourth SV BW Murg, his former club FC Geißlingen and also SV Rheintal, who, "if disciplined, could surprise the league team." Meanwhile, Sven Oertel does not name names, but believes in one or the other surprise team: "Many teams have played below value in the last round," says Oertel, who sees his biggest construction site in eleven as expandable efficiency. "If others get bigger, and we still need so many chances to score, it will be difficult," warns Coach Murger, but stressed, "We want to make the table clear."

At FC Bad Säckingen, coach Rusmir Omeragic is looking forward to a season where they want to "play at the top" after moving from the West to the Eastern Relay. After good preparation, in which all the players did well, "we want to show that we can confirm our offensive, fast-paced football from the previous season," the 45-year-old said.

Flexible preparation in C.S.I. Juve Rosetta Laufenburg

Difficult to create before the season opens, a reliable forecast for the bottom half of the table is reliable. Teams like FC Wheat, Spvgg Wutöschingen, VfR Horheim-Schwerzen, SV Nöggenschwiel and Promoted SV 08 Laufenburg II will have nothing to do with relegation in the view of Kreisliga observers.

Fabio Cocuzza, coach of the National Reserve League in Laufenburg, sees his team prepare for the A-Class season, "but we only need to get 40 points as fast as we can." Some inside recruits from the A-juniors and first-team teams have been able to reinvigorate the promotion team.

Mostly in the relegation battle are the two promoted SV Stühlingen and FC Grießen, and SV Albbruck, SC Lauchringen and C.S.I. Juve Rosetta Laufenburg. For C.S.I.'s sporting director, Philip Odd, the priority is "to have nothing to do with descent and quickly get to a competitive level after expanding preparations."

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