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CREDIT ACADEMY, August 14, 2019

So ask yourself the question: "How can I increase my motivation?". This question is very valuable. You have already realized that motivation doesn't just come and go.

I want to encourage you in your decision to take responsibility for how motivated you are to live. It is uncomfortable to question one's behavior, but it is what we need to become more motivated or more generally to achieve our goals. If your behavior was correct, you would probably already be at your destination.

No matter what goal you set. Before you start and integrate new things into your life, you should first ask yourself, "What am I doing now to impede my achievement?".

What demotivates you?

To motivate yourself, you should do one thing above all else: Stop motivating yourself. To understand what I mean: Suppose you want to become healthier. Then you could start running regularly. Before you do this, you should first do the following: Stop smoking. So don't add more good directly, sort it bad once.

In terms of motivation, it can mean a lot. Maybe work is just the shit you do right now. Then it does not help listening to motivational speeches on the way to work. Stop doing this job.

You may also regularly surround yourself with people who are not doing you well. There is no point in sending a drug addict when he returns to his old circle. If you count among people who want to evolve and change something in their lives, you will always get a gust of wind from a certain type of person. Namely, one who does not want to evolve. This man is trying to stay in the water by bringing his environment to his level. You recognize him for always telling you directly why your project will not work. As long as you surround yourself with such people, you are demotivated.

You probably do things that offend you about your value. They include all destructive behaviors. If your self-esteem is weakened, you lack motivation. Also the ability to motivate yourself, because what your word is worth. So scratch everything that harms you from life. Do not eat anything that you would not give to your children with a clear conscience. Question your actions by thinking, "Would I advise the person I love?"

Watch your integrity

Your self-esteem is primarily influenced by how you act in integrity. It means how much your behavior matches your beliefs, your values.

Which person would you rather be for yourself? Someone who always tells you what you want to hear or someone you can count on?

Get used to your beliefs, even when you're uncomfortable. You and others will respect you more, and your better self-confidence will increase your motivation.

The real reason why you are not motivated

There are many tips and tricks to keep you motivated. Many of them are also very useful. I'll tell you a few later. But if you want to motivate yourself, you need to understand a very basic thing:

Your emotion is stronger than your mind.

Let's say you work on your computer today and you want to do a lot. But you always notice that your hand would like to open a new tab to open YouTube, Facebook, email, or anything else. You probably know that. Depending on how disciplined you are, you stay with your work and move. At some point, however, you are exhausted and end up on a page that you hope will feel good.

Some find that people like Elon Musk or Steve Jobs who work 100 hours a week must be incredibly disciplined. But it's just not true and it's really important to me that you understand it!

Discipline is very valuable and prevents you from wasting time. But this resource is limited. Hyper-productive people are so motivated because they do what they love. It's not all fun, but all they do is serve a cause that emotionally fills them. So much so that YouTube, Facebook and emails happen to them, compared to mood killers.

Now the question is: what do you intend to do? You won't be able to answer that question by thinking. Because the answer is deep within your nervous system and is only recognizable through your actions.

How to find out what you really like:

What videos do you watch on YouTube? If you're logged into YouTube, you'll find the "History" navigation point in the left bar. Click on it to see what you've been watching for the past few weeks. Try to identify the patterns and record them in writing.

What blog articles do you read often? If you are using Chrome, click the 3 dots in the upper right corner, and then click History. It works with other browsers anyway. See what pages you are on all the time and what topics you are dealing with.

When was the last time you really fell in love? What did you do then to achieve this emotional state?

Look at the books you read. What are the dominant topics?

What is your favorite movie and what's the main character in it?

What does your partner say about topics that especially make you happy?

This, of course, is a bit treacherous with our emotions. Not everything that evokes positive emotions in us is truly fulfilled and meaningful. But you can certainly blend feeling and meaning together. If you constantly watch cat videos, it may mean that you love animals. So, if your work has anything to do with this topic, it will make you a lot more fun.

In research you may find that you are interested in very different topics than those that appear in your work. How much sense then to use motivational techniques all the time to do your job when your heart requires something different? Try to reconcile both.

Want to talk to me about a particular topic?

If you want some help in achieving your goals, let's talk about them. I have been offering free phone consultations for a while. If you click on the following link, you will be taken to a page with a button: Click here.

I look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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