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She drinks this cheap wine on Instagram – and you get it on Amazon

No, Kylie Jenner doesn't have to save money right now. The makeup queen is the first American billionaire to make it herself. And what kind of wine does such a woman drink? A look at Amazon reveals: Pinot Grigio from Italy, which doesn't cost eight euros.

Wine is one of those pleasures for which unfortunately there is no price cap. If you flip through the relevant catalogs, you'll quickly find drops for a few hundred euros – and the best locations aren't even here. But taste alone decides. And here it is a celebrity like Kylie Jenner (21) is not always the most expensive. She recently posted a photo on Instagram of a very cheap wine – and you even got it right here on Amazon. Elegant Pinot Grigio in the Summer Sun? Yes, it's not just Kylie Jenner's mouth irrigation!

Celebrity Factor Wine: This wine is drunk by Kylie Jenner

Pinot Grigio, also known in Germany as Ruländer or Pinot Gris, which Kylie enjoys here, comes from Valdadige in northern Italy. Grapevine cultivation has a long tradition in the region and for over 40 years the DOC classification has been proudly implemented here, demonstrating the quality of the production area: yields are limited and grape varieties are needed.

"Santa Margherita," pioneered by Pinot Grigio

Thus the famous Pinot Grigio from Santa Margherita is pure wine in a glass that combines freshness and structure. Wine has long earned a reputation as a classic, because bottles actually have a lot of oenological knowledge, something Kylie Jenner and many other fans appreciate so much today. The mass is early separated from the typical reddish bark of the grapes, which gives this Pinot Grigio its light straw yellow color.

The fine flavors are preserved during vinification and you can look forward to wine that smells of apples and pears, fresh down your throat and leaves you feeling comfortable that it just did the right thing: enjoy life.

Check out this post on Instagram

Semplicemente la bellezza di old insieme, di amarsi, di fare and proposta importante; non importa quale sia il motivo, una price a due e un wine straordinario, intimo, speciale. Nulla è lasciato al caso … – The simple beauty of being together, we love each other, make an important suggestion; for whatever reason, dinner for two and extraordinary, intimate, special wine. Nothing is left to chance … #uncorkexstramediate #santamargheritawines #whitewines #wineexperience #italianwine #winelover #italianwine #winesofinstagram #pinotgrigio

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A soloist who also fits the orchestra

Kylie Jenner settled herself comfortably on the table with her Instagram look, with just a few strawberries ready in case of a small appetite. In fact, Santa Margherita needs nothing more, it is sufficient in itself. As an aperitif, this dry wine brings enough sophistication to arouse the desire for more. And if a friend donates some seafood or fish, there's no reason to change the wine. Because as much as this wine can be expressed, it also looks good as an accompaniment. He will not subordinate himself, but will give his contribution to the whole work.

Saved, but …

It may be six, seven or even eight years in which this Pinot Grigio retains full attraction. If you have guests, prepare for a happy evening by serving this drop, which will result in more orders.

Amazon's current offering carries exactly this fact three times: on the one hand, the "Santa Margherita" is offered in a triple package, which guarantees a small supply. On the other hand, this is done at a sensational price, since the stated 22.74 euros are for all three bottles. Perhaps the most important benefit: wine is ordered through Amazon Prime, so a quick refill is taken care of in an emergency. And just anyone who thinks positive should expect this urgency.

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Almost € 23 for three bottles of wine, which Kylie Jenner recommends where is the risk, do you want to ask yourself? More than 8.5 million likes collected their post within hours – and many of those users are certainly very thirsty.


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