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Siegen University is exploring treatments in virtual space

Sparkassenstiftung Zukunft is promoting the research project "New Medical Realities" of the University of Siegen with 32,000 euros: for new ways in medicine.

Siegen University is exploring treatments in virtual space

Muscle Building in a Virtual Environment, Nutrition Training with VR Glasses: The University of Siegen's "New Medical Reality Program" explores digitally supported healthcare using innovative technologies. Sparkassenstiftung Zukunft supports the project with 32,000 euros.


The research program is part of the "Digital Model Region Health" of the Research Faculty (Fokos) and the Faculty of Life Sciences (LWF) of the University of Siegen and is conducted in collaboration with senior doctors from three Siegen hospitals. The goal of "New Medical Reality" is "digitally supported pre- and postoperative research into obesity, reflux symptoms or chronic back problems," as can be seen from the communication. The focus is on how virtual reality, augmented reality or holography can be used to develop or extend time and place-independent forms of therapy for healthier eating and more exercise. "


Meals: "Patients can be motivated to work with food in the form of healthy and less healthy foods within a virtual environment," the university writes. As a result, consumers could "maintain conscious and healthy consumption and eating behaviors".

regeneration: After back surgery, for example, with body-worn sensors "in a virtual environment, so-called trackers can promote the target muscle." This digital support makes the movements measurable, analyzes them, and provides feedback based on properly performed exercises – and of course, wrong or sub-optimal running movements.

A real lab

The general project "Digital Model Health of the Region" deals with "Healthcare Issues in Different Parts of the North Rhine-Westphalia, Rhine-Palatinate and Hesse Border Triangle," the university explains. "Research is being done here in a real laboratory," says Prof. Dr. Honey. Joachim Labenz, Medical Director of Diakonia Clinic Jung-Stilling. As a project partner and specialist in internal medicine, he particularly supports research in the field of reflux disease. Here, together with his chief medical colleague, prof. Dr. Honey. Frank Willeke, surgeon and medical director at St. John's Hospital Marien in Siegen, founded the Siegerland Reflux Center years ago, "has the character of a lighthouse outside the region," as the name implies.


Sparkassenstiftung's financial support makes it possible to integrate "comprehensive expertise into our research," says Prof. Björn Niehaves, Director of Focus. Among other things, an interdisciplinary conference bringing together representatives of medicine, science and industry should be organized.

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