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Sports fans are hailed as leaders

9-0 Nanterrhein Cup Kantersieg in Speldorf let Baumberger into the league to start 4-0 against Ratingen, followed by a dream from Sportfreunde Baumberg at Oberliga Nordrhein: After a 4-0 victory over Ratingen 04/19 welcomes last season's Second Round winner, assured of a first away game on Wednesday (7.30pm) at Cronenberger SC.

A week earlier, the team of Salah El Halimi coach introduced himself in Torlaune. In the first round of the Niederrhein Cup triumphed at Landesligisten VfB Speldorf 9-0. In the last league season, Mülheimer still made both comparisons for himself, this time they were glad they did not come in double digits.
But the gust of wind was also staff refreshment on the sandy road. With Salah El Halimi, the success coach of the past few years has returned after a creative break. In addition, Redouan Yotla sports director Frank Zilles has managed to remove an absolute expert from league rival TURU Düsseldorf and thus further increase his expertise.
But even off the course, something happened in Baumberg. With Ilya Ludenberg, he was involved for the first time with the media and public relations coordinator, who also monitors domestic matches as players at the stadium. About 200 visitors counted for the season opener. With many actions, President Jürgen Schick and his colleagues want to attract even more football fans in the future.
Athletic goals for the new season were formulated cautiously by those responsible for last year's run and turnaround. Sports Director Frank Zilles wants to offer exciting football first and foremost. In addition, young players should continue to develop and improve.

Sunday derby from the neighborhood

Concerns about El Halimi's coaching staff were no less before Wednesday's guest appearance at Cronenberger SC. Goalie Schwabke, Pero (both training leftovers), Cikac, Oehlers (both injured), Zimmermann (ill), Bhaskar, Knetsch (both holidays) and Pusic (professionally disabled) will definitely be missing, Abelski and Klotz being beaten. Behind their missions are questionnaires.
Following the away game at Cronenberger SC tomorrow, the second round of the Cup will be drawn on Thursday (6.30pm) at the Duisburg-Wedau Sports School. On Sunday, August 18, expect Baumberger VfB 03 Hilden to play in the adjacent derby at MEGA Stadium.

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