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Study reveals: This is why dessert helps you lose weight

Dessert, however, shouldn't affect all our assumptions if the pounds were to melt? We took a closer look at this topic and even with a study we will prove that you do not have to have a delicious dessert to lose weight.

Firm skin, full curves and at the same time a little love handles are associated with the dream body, as Model Emily Ratajkowski has. However, to achieve this, a strenuous diet, lots of sports and even more endurance are often required. However, research at Wolfson Medical Center University in Tel Aviv could now sweeten our diets because of what we feel good about. Research at the university really proves it that the dessert we actually resist during weight loss diets actually melt faster. What lies behind the results and when exactly the right time of day for a small snack is, now we will tell you.

This is how dessert helps you lose weight

Professor Daniela Jakubowicz used two test groups of obese women to find out at what time of the day the dessert plays the biggest part in the weight loss process. While the first group consumed 1,400 calories during the day, 300 calories in the morning, 500 kcal at noon, and the rest of the evening a delicious dessert (600 calories), In the second group, the number of calories for breakfast and dinner varied. Accordingly, the respondents consumed early in the morning most of their daily needs, which in turn was supplemented with dessert. The result was clear: Anyone who served their dessert in the morning lost 5 pounds over 12 weeks than those who indulged in the evening. Plus, they had less cravings for sweet and salty during the day.

So what does the study show us? Dessert does not stand in the way of our customers' success, but should be eaten at the right time of day. If we include it in our breakfast, we have a whole day to do a short walk or other activities. Not only that: In the evening you eat less and work without dessert, not just pounds – despite dessert – the fight can be announced, and you sleep better. Especially with an extensive dinner, the body has to spend a lot of energy during the night for digestive function. Even with 300 calories for dinner, which according to the study lead to much more cravings, but you should absolutely pay attention to the choice of carbohydrates with long chain and low-fat meat or fish, which you can eventually supplement with vegetables. By the way, there are various healthy sweets, which are allowed during the diet anyway, and we have listed them for you. 😍

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