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Successful eating: How Susanne Fröhlich lost nine pounds without solid food

Author Susanne Fröhlich often wrote about her figure and her weight in an accessible and fun way, for example in "Moppel-I". Many readers can identify with it well. In the Merry Post, she describes what it means to abstain from solid foods for 35 days. After being diagnosed with rheumatism, she tried to give up.

Susanne Fröhlich brags about food

Before the big thing begins, Susanne Fröhlich shouts how much she loves food and can't imagine giving it up. "I really like everything and I'm thrilled. Even the smell of food can lead me into ecstasy. Even sight. Going past the bakery and buying nothing, but nothing else, is an incredible act of self-control for me. I'm magically attracted to food."

But there are also rheumatic pains and advice on how to fast after fasting. Susanne Fröhlich wants to try it if she can cure it. "If I lose weight, of course, the last one makes me nervous – on the contrary: I'd be ecstatic."

Susanne Fröhlich is excited about the post experiment

From day 1 to day 35, Susanne Fröhlich documents what she does, what she eats or does not eat, and how she works. The papers are written fun and easy to read. Although there is little going on, it has a lot to talk about and does not repeat itself. The passionate eater eventually develops into an equally passionate Fasterin. Even when her children come to visit, she stands firm and only drinks tea.

Susanne Fröhlich 2017


picture association / Susann Prauts

She is glad every day that the pointer moves further to the left, eventually weighing nine pounds less than at the beginning of the experiment. It starts with cleaning your home and rethinking old habits and relationships. On day 30 it says, "I'm still fine. No fatigue, no fatigue and circulation is stable. […] My house is in top condition. It wasn't so neat for a long time. I feel too neat too. Inside the inside. Feelings that the post within me drives the need for more structure. After more order. You've made a lot of decisions, clarified things. It is easier for me to express my opinion, even if I know in advance that I may be alone with it. "

After fasting just a little appetite

On the last day of fasting, Fröhlich has little appetite. If nothing else, healthy food comes to mind, she doesn't think about fast food. What's next? How to learn to eat again? Eat well? Don't increase yourself right away? One third of Lent should be used for renewal, that is, for its twelve days.

The first thing he eats is an apple. It looks fresher and sweeter than ever before. But also injure the jaw of the lost chewing movement. And it comes back to taste right away, hardly going to eat a bit. "Notice now that the real challenge is not the post, but the post. I'm ready to face it."

Fasting has become an integral part of Susanne Fröhlich's life

Susanne Fröhlich manages to slowly get used to eating and eating mostly healthy foods. The nine pounds she shed doesn't take him anymore. Above all, the rheumatic pains have actually disappeared.

Frohlich is convinced that the end of the diary says, “Day 958: Fasting has become an integral part of my life. He proved himself. I fast between three and six weeks once a year. I have had my pain under control ever since. […] Now I appreciate the overall package. Consider fasting as a phase in which my whole system, body, and mind are rethought. "

Conclusion for Susanne Fröhlich's new book

The book is a good companion for speeding people. Susanne Fröhlich manages to record her experiences that are worth reading and funny. Her flaws, quarrels and doubts honestly describe her.

This combination is very good for motivating others to try the post as well. Susanne Fröhlich supports her readers in a very personal "invitation to try." Without dogmatism and teachability, it encourages you to try.

Susanne Fröhlich: "Happy Fast! – Does Publishing Really Make You Happy? Self-Testing with All the Answers!", Gräfe and Unzer, € 17.99