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Take the Them Out Bounty Guide [Venus] – Destiny: The Taken King – Kill 12 devoured – Take them out

How to Find Consumed Enemies in Fate: The Taken King – Kill 12 consumed to take them out bounty. "Take them out" bounty guide



Before you can start this bounty, you must first complete Petra's first taskbar called "The Taken War". This will unlock three new benefits.

Spent or named enemies are taken captains or champions who emerge during the new public events.

❱ BEST way to kill 12 consumed
Find one of the many public events at venus. The one in Ember Caves is very comfortable, as it is very close to the patrol spawn.

Wait for those taken to attack the area. These events take place every 15-20. Minute. The public event will spawn taken enemies everywhere. Look for the alert in the lower left, which tells you when a captured lieutenant is about to show up.

There are three and they spawn one after the other every time you take one out. They are invisible and a little difficult to spot, but if you remember the spawning from the video, you should have no problem finding them.

After you kill all three, the master will spawn which also counts as one consumed. After completing a public event, you should have 4 of 12 oral killings. You can now wait until the next public event or, for example, move on to another area such as the "Citadel", which is the next area.

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