These ingredients should definitely contain your body lotion 2

These ingredients should definitely contain your body lotion

Body lotions are an underrated cosmetic product. If you pay attention to the right ingredients, you can use a care routine to prevent disease and rejuvenate your entire skin.

In Germany, 20 to 35% of all people suffer from dry skin. The causes are very different: dry air, harmful environmental influences or even the wrong care can be unpleasant Tension and tears on the skin cause. If it damages your skin, it is more susceptible to eczema, rashes and infections. To avoid this, proper care must be provided.

Apply the cream at least after each shower, but in order to protect the skin and not damage it, it is important to pay attention to the ingredients of your body lotion. With the right ingredients, you can not only moisturize your skin, but also rejuvenate and prevent cellulite! Therefore, the following ingredients should contain your lotion.

1. Urea

Urea is nothing but a urea. It absorbs moisture and is suitable as an active ingredient in body lotions perfect for dry skin. He will do it today made entirely synthetically – So you don't have to worry about your cream actually containing urine. But beware: Pay attention to the concentration of urea in care products. As Ulf Darsow, Senior Physician at the Department of Dermatology and Allergology, Technical University of Munich, in conversation with "Focus Online" Comments, For example, products containing more than five percent of urea can sometimes cause discomfort.

2. Hyaluronic acid

Hyaluron is an endogenous substance. It is contained in your skin layers and is responsible for storing water. This is how the skin retains its Resilience and resilience – and looks bulky and youthful.

Since the age of 25, however, hyaluronan production has been declining. Moisture is no longer sufficiently bound and can escape from cells, yours The skin becomes more tender and drier. The result is wrinkles and cellulite that many women fear. If you want to prevent, you should ensure that your body lotion contains hyaluronan.

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3. Lactic acid

Even Cleopatra bathed in milk – and even on your skin, lactic acid can do wonders. The active ingredient nourishes the care and is therefore perfect for sensitive skin. Besides, he is a real moisture booster. The mild acid precipitates on the outer layer of the skin when applied, where it is fused and store water. The lactic acid in the body lotion protects your skin from drying out and makes it very supple.

4. Glycerin

Glycerol has been an integral part of cosmetics for many years. And for good reason: Designed to help with dry, chapped and itchy skin like a protective film on the top layer of skin. This prevents glycerin from allowing moisture to escape from the skin. As an active ingredient in the cream, glycerin thus prevents dry, unhealthy skin.

These ingredients should be avoided in lotions

Parabens, other preservatives and paraffin should not be present in your body lotion. The latter appeals to your skin by laying it on another layer. "She's fat and strong this can be a problembecause it has an occlusive effect, so to speak, it covers the skin, "says Julia Welzel, chief physician at the Department of Dermatology at the Augsburg Hospital "Focus online". You should also keep your fingers away from emulsifiers and odors.

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