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This is how needle epilation works

What is needle epilation and what happens in the treatment room? If this is for you, you can find out here.

What is Needle Epilation?

Needle hair removal is a method of permanent hair removal (as opposed to waxing). Needle epilation (also: electro-epilation) destroys the hair root with a current pulse with a sterile disposable needle that points into the hair channel. The process only takes so long that the root of the hair, but not the skin, is disturbed. The hair is removed after the current pulse with forceps.

Three methods of needle epilation

The process is the same, but the methods are different. Electrolysis operates with a direct current that destroys the follicle by a chemical reaction. Thermolysis destroys the root of the hair with the heat created by the high-frequency current in the needle. The mixing method is a combination of the first two, where AC is used to accelerate.

Nadelepiltion: That is waiting for you

At the beginning it will be a consultation in which an anamnesis is made and discussed, what the customer envisioned. Prices vary greatly depending on the area and can range between 30 and 100 euros. Sometimes it is charged according to time and without a flat rate for the body price offered. So, for example, all hair roots can disappear four to six treatments recommended. There are several weeks of leisure between appointments.

Which areas are suitable for needle epilation?

Electroepilation is both in the face, z. B. for the hair of a witch or a lady, as well as for healing on the body.

Needle waxing – a prerequisite

Unlike other methods, such as the IPL method, the hair does not have to be dark and does not have a specific skin type. Even light hair can be removed with this type.

When treated, the hair should be about 2 to 3 mm long, d. H. pre-waxing or similar is not an option. After a treatment that lasts about three days, extreme heat or contact with water should be avoided – that is: not in the sauna or going to the pool. As with other methods, even after needle treatment, tanning should be avoided for several weeks.

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